Naples, the outburst of some players: "We must also go to the National team to retire!"


The Napoli players had asked the company to suspend the withdrawal because in the next few days the respective National retreats will begin.

The revolt of the locker room of Naples against the company is making a lot of discussion. According to today's report by Il Mattino, it seems, in fact, that the decision has particularly affected the sensitivity of some players, those who will shortly be called by the respective Nationals and, for this reason, will be forced to a long period of withdrawal for about 10-13 days and on which, therefore, most of all the weight of the company's decision fell.

The daily Campania adds: "Mertens and Callejon then move in other ways because they are certain that this is a provision that is also contractually illicit: nobody, they say, can force them to stay so long in retreat. Allan consults a lawyer, there are those who call the Assocalciatori, almost all of them are advised by their managers who in turn turn to lawyers. The opinions are disadvantageous, but lnsigne, Callejon and associates decide to continue the same with the protest.

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