Naples, another OFFICIAL press release after the mutiny: "Here are the real reasons for the withdrawal" | Market


The Napoli, with the second communique of the day announced after the mutiny of the post match against the Salzburg, clarified the reasons behind the withdrawal decided by the president Aurelio De Laurentiis: "With reference to the news that has appeared today and in the last days concerning the withdrawal of the first team, the Company notes with surprise that some press bodies have mistakenly described it as a "punitive withdrawal". The President De Laurentiis – Monday 4 November – had stated to Radio Kiss Kiss in a clear and unambiguous way: "This is a constructive and not punitive retreat." A retreat, expression of the complex training modality, destined to bring back to the group of players the concentration and the necessary motivations on the eve of two important and delicate races ".

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