Milan, Antonio Cianci killer on award permit stabs a man in a parking lot


A 79-year-old man was wounded with a stab in the throat while he was in the underground parking lot of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. His condition is serious, but it would not be life threatening. It was injured by Antonio Cianci, the 60-year-old convict who killed three carabinieri in Melzo (Milan) in October 1979. Detained in the Bollate prison where he was serving a life sentence, Cianci had obtained, as far as we know, a premium permit. The police stopped Cianci with the knife still stained with blood in his pocket: the motive for the gesture would be a robbery.

The episode that led to the life imprisonment in Cianci dates back to October 9th 1979: along the provincial road 14 between Melzo and Liscate the marshal Michele Campagnolo, the appointee Pietro Lia and the carabiniere Francesco Tempini remained mowed down, who were making a checkpoint. The killer, stopped for a normal check of the documents, was captured soon after thanks to a tip-off. Cianci was traveling on a stolen car and a few years earlier, a minor, had already killed a night watchman.

9 November 2019 | 21:35


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