Mafia: who is Nicosia, the radical "messenger" of the bosses at 41 bis


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From the initiatives for the rights of prisoners to the role of parliamentary assistant of Giuseppina Occhionero, a deputy who passed from Leu to Italia Viva. According to the prosecutor's office, he would have given the clans orders for imprisoned mafia bosses

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Antonello Nicosia, a radical politician arrested because he was accused of acting as a liaison between prisoners and clans

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He would have acted as a liaison between mafia bosses at 41 bis and the clans, bringing messages and orders to the outside: a representative of the Italian Radicals was stopped. The Palermo Public Prosecutor has arrested 5 people accused of various forms of mafia association and aiding and abetting. In prison, among others, the mafia boss of Sciacca Accursio Dimino and Antonello Nicosia, member of the National Committee of Italian Radicals for years engaged in battles for the rights of prisoners, are finished.

The messenger of the bosses at 41 bis
Together with a member of parliament from Leu, whom he said he was a collaborator, he met with several detained bosses. A "pretext", according to the Palermo prosecutor's office, to bring to the clans operating outside the city messages and orders of the heads in detention. Giuseppina Occhionero, 41 years old, from Molise, is the member of parliament who is followed by Nicosia who has entered into high security penal institutions such as Tolmezzo. La Occhionero, a lawyer, was elected in the last political elections on the lists of Leu and recently Renzi's party was transferred to Italia Viva.

Collaborator of Italia Viva deputy
The deputy is not currently under investigation, but will be heard by prosecutors in Palermo as a witness. Claiming to be a collaborator of the woman – the magistrates have delegated checks to the House to see if it is true – Nicosia could have meetings with Mafia godfathers. In the intercepted conversations, the Radical exponent emphasized the advantage of entering the penal institutions together with the deputy as this kind of visits were not subject to permits.

He ran Dimino's business
Nicosia, according to the magistrates, would not have confined itself to acting as a liaison between the prisoners and the gangs, but would have run businesses in partnership with the boss of Sciacca Dimino, with whom he usually met, done business with the American clans and laundered dirty money. Murder projects would also emerge from some interceptions. The investigation, conducted by Ros and Gico, is coordinated by the Palermo prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi, the added Paolo Guido and the prosecutors Gery Ferrara and Francesca Dessì.

Oidu Director
Director of the International Human Rights Observatory (Oidu), educator, graduate in Multimedia Education with a thesis on "Penitentiary treatment, listening and planning to re-educate
supervising and re-educating, the prison experience ", Antonello Nicosia, originally from Sciacca, arrested for mafia association with the boss of Sciacca Accursio Dimino, was elected for two years (2017-2018) as a member of the National Committee of Italian Radicals.

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