"Let's put a cross on this story, enough with these vendettas between ADL and team! Disappointed only by Ancelotti, players must understand one thing"


Auriemma: Let's put a cross on this story, enough with these vendettas between ADL and team! Disappointed only by Ancelotti, players must understand one thing (VIDEO)

Raffaele Auriemma, journalist, on his Youtube channel spoke of the chaos at home in Naples

Latest news Napoli soccerRaffaele Auriemma, a journalist, has released some statements on his YouTube channel. Here is how highlighted by CalcioNapoli24:

"Many people ask me what is happening and what will happen. The players had not weighed the effect of an insurrection of that kind, they believed they were on the side of reason, believing that the fans have it with the president. The fans, instead, they have it with those who stand against their team and have thought that this was an attitude against Naples, De Laurentiis is a bit vindictive, having left the training with open doors has caused the fury of the fans to break out against the footballers: now to insist on this duel to the death between De Laurentiis and the team means to do the evil of the Naples. a principle: to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Do we want the opposite reaction of the players? I do not! Now the players, knowing the president, are protecting themselves and we do not finish here anymore. pays the consequences? The team, the public and the city of Naples. The time has come to put a cross on this story, the vendettas must end immediately because you have to play a season, they are still to hit the knockout stages of the Champions League. "With the Genk do we win easy?" Not with this climate! It is necessary to find harmony otherwise you do not go anywhere.

Auriemma on Naples

I am disappointed only by Ancelotti: he has shown that he does not have the dressing room in his hand and that he is willing to satisfy any desire of the company. If it says it can't do otherwise but his name is Carlo Ancelotti and he won everything there was to win, explain to me why you signed this contract? The team does not value it, people do not appreciate it and the president does what he wants with you. Put an end to this stupid gazelle. Tomorrow we play a game that is worth the Champions League final and we must win it. You can't go in and out of a game, it means you're not in your head. Zielinski, Milik and Fabian await the renewal, Callejon and Mertens have the contract expiring, Allan does not talk about it. It is obvious that the pandemonium has been unleashed. They must understand that they are paid by the love and passion of the people. Before personalities, whether it is an unsigned contract or a wrong attitude, remember what you represent. That is not an "N", it is a people that puts passion and money into that shirt ".

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