Launch of firecrackers at the San Paolo, coins against journalists. De Laurentiis jr calls Formisano


Background and updates coming from Fuorigrotta where the training of the Naples with open doors is scheduled today.

The contest of the fans of the Naples. The Italian team trains today at the Stadio San Paolo with open doors and the Neapolitan supporters wanted to show their discontent for what happened in the post-match of the last Champions League match, drawn for 1-1 against Red Bull Salzburg. The decision of the players to mutiny the withdrawal requested by Aurelio De Laurentiis has made a lot of discussion, triggering a reaction even in the fans of the Campania region.

About 500 of them flocked to the stadium, where protest banners appeared and where a firecracking firing was recorded outside the structure. Some coins, on the other hand, have been thrown at journalists near the plant itself. A mild climate was predictable after the recent events. Not surprisingly, the vice president of the blue club, Edoardo De Laurentiis, as told by the editors of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, official broadcaster of the Neapolitan society, before training he phoned ad Alessandro Formisano, Head of Operations, to try to understand what was going on in Fuorigrotta.

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