Lara Comi arrested, "here is who she really is". The magistrate unleashed: what the former MEP said


The interceptions of Lara Comi, former MEP from Forza Italia arrested during the "Mensa dei povente" investigation: "Today I will say that I have never taken 17k (17 thousand euros, according to the accusation, ed), and that I have never had consultations with Afol or companies related to me that don't exist … If they ask me why they say this I can say that it was you who advised them ". These are his words in a conversation while talking to lawyer Maria Teresa Bergamaschi. Last January he advised her to use "Telegram which is more comfortable". Comi also suggests not answering suspicious phone calls: "If they should call you, don't answer either the phone or text messages, then I'll explain."

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In other interceptions Nino Caianiello, former coordinator of Fi in Varese and according to the alleged puppet master of the whole network of bribes, speaks on the phone of the former MEP in ways not exactly flattering: "With this idiot of Lara at what point are we? Why do I see her tonight , so I give him the shampoo … ", said Caianiello intercepted on November 29, 2018 talking to the director of Afol Metropolitana Giuseppe Zingale he is also under arrest.

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