Inter-Hellas Verona – Undecided Handanovic, Bastoni no. Vecino replies, Barella responds to Conte's signal


HANDANOVIC 5.5 – After the three goals collected in Dortmund, the evening begins with a comfortable save on Salcedo. Naive and indecisive, it causes the penalty kick converted by Verre.

SKRINIAR 6.5 – The missed closure on the passage of Lazovic in the action of the penalty stains a careful approach to the match. In the Nerazzurri assault with his head down he does not give up to accompany the maneuver after the usual punctual advances.

DE VRIJ 6.5 – Controls the movements of the defensive line, literally flanking Brozovic during construction and making his quality available in the dribble. Sort balls and look for ideas, also engaging Silvestri with a bang from the outside.

STICKS 6.5 – Find your starting jersey as usual after the Champions League round. His long levers are struggling to stem the faster Salcedo, but he proves to be intelligent in defensive readings and overbearing in high balls. Showcase the good foot by operating Lazaro in Vecino's net and kicking angrily towards Silvestri.

LAZARO 6 – It restarts from 1 'after the convincing performance of the Dall'Ara and the piece of Dortmund. Timid, sprinta intermittently on the wing, where it is always doubled by Lazovic and Empereur. Conte remotely controls him from the bench and in the second half increases his danger rate: sparkling, he rewards the reaction with the prefect assists for Vecino. (FROM 85 'D'AMBROSIO SV)

OLD MAN 6.5 – The network to Borussia can find immediate reply with Hellas, when Silvestri rejects on the line his desperate attempt from a tight angle. Constantly plated by Pessina, he touches a few balls and tries to give ample scope to the maneuver, guaranteeing Lazaro support. In the moment that counts, he flies into the sky and fills the ball of balance, conceding a four-day replica from Dortmund.

BROZOVIC 6.5 – He gets caught behind by Verres at the beginning of the lightning-fast counterattack that generates the guest penalty, but is the master of the midfield. Having said the times and orchestrating the game, getting rid of the lines well and even touching a great goal an elegant right-footed shot from outside the box kisses the crossbar.

STRETCH 7 – After a first time stained by some imprecision (thanks to the marking of Amrabat), try to get into the chair with the race and the usual dynamism. Apparently less polished than usual, it still provides its constant supply during the interdiction phase and grows with the passage of time. Spurred on by Conte's words, he responds by inventing a swivel from top player that untaps the match and makes San Siro explode and all his anger for the first goal in the Nerazzurri in Serie A.

BIRAGHI 5.5 – Wins the runoff with Candreva and starts in the left lane. Try to forget the complicated European evening with Borussia engaging Silvestri from a standstill and proposing some interesting crosses that generate concrete scoring opportunities. Its intensity is however decreasing. (FROM 63 'CANDREVA 6 – He plunges to the left to give more thrust in the moment that counts, creating more unpredictability with the movement to return to the right. In the final he also moves to the opposite band, reversing with Lazaro).

LAUTAR 6 – After the pearl of Dortmund gets warm with a couple of inaccurate attempts towards the yellow and blue goal. Struggling to find space between the numerous opposing legs, but always guarantees a constant struggle and wise management of the ball as a follower. In the second half, with the longest teams, he finds more meters available for his flare-ups. (FROM THE 81 'ESPOSITO SV)

LUKAKU 6.5 – It is the most dangerous of the Inter-attacking pair. Use the large amount for the continuous physical confrontation with the Juric power plants, finding the first real net chances immediately after the host advantage: Silvestri and the not too precise left-handed man deny him yet another joy in the league in the first 45 '. He burns too much in the second half, giving Silvestri a ball in an important one-on-one 10 minutes from the end, but is appreciated for his dirty work.

ALL. COUNT 7 – Dortmund's defeat and subsequent outburst are amplified by the advantage of Hellas in the San Siro afternoon. Lead the reaction with the usual cries from the bench and with the motivation speech in the locker room, spurring the group to take a painful victory with teeth that again is worth the first place in the standings waiting for Juventus-Milan.

HELLAS VERONA: Silvestri 6.5; Rrahmani 5.5, Gunter 6, Empereur 6.5; Faraoni 6.5, Amrabat 6 (from 64 'Henderson 5), Pessina 6, Lazovic 6; Zaccagni 6 (from 50 'Tutino 5), Verre 7; Salcedo 6 (from 84 'Stepinski sv). Juric All. 6.

REFEREE: VALERI 6 – He whistles with confidence the contact in the Nerazzurri area which allows the Hellas to go ahead and rightly lets run on the attempt to net of Vecino rejected on the line.
ASSISTANTS: Boutiques 6.5 – Rocca 6.


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