"Horrified by the threats and the escort. Senator, we are ready to welcome you "


Case Segre, President Rivlin: "Horrified by threats and escort. Senator, come to Israel "

The Israeli president Reuven Rivlin today he sent a letter to Liliana Segre in which he said he was "horrified to have heard the news that anti-Semitic threats" against the senator "have made it necessary to receive protection to ensure his safety".

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"I deeply regret that the circumstances of my letter – added Rivlin – are so painful. There are no words to adequately express my horror and my disgust that you should be exposed to such criminal behavior. As a Holocaust survivor you have seen the terrible and tragic consequences of anti-Semitism if not stopped ". Rivlin then pointed out that the case of Liliana Segre "is just another terrible example of reality for Jews in Europe today. But I believe that the most appropriate response – he continued – is to continue to do what you believe ".

Liliana Segre under guard after racist threats. Wiesenthal Center: "Shame on Italy"

"Equality, human rights, acceptance of the other and tolerance are – he concluded – key values ​​of Judaism and universality, are the foundations on which our lives are based and without them we would be worthless people".

"It would be a great honor for me and for the State of Israel to welcome you to Jerusalem and Israel." Israeli President Reuven Rivlin writes in his letter sent today to Senator Liliana Segre. "Your personal mission, your strength and your courage are models for us in Israel and for Jewish communities throughout the world," added the head of the Jewish state.

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