Florenzi all-rounder: a joker for Inter. Near the farewell to Rome, Conte ready to embrace him again


Ductility, which for many is a disadvantage, could instead turn out to be the trump card of Alessandro Florenzi. Thanks to its many features, Antonio With you could bet on him in the January market. The farewell to Rome seems obvious, given that Fonseca has decided not to bet anymore. "Conte, when he led the national team, deployed Florenzi in as many as 17 games on 25 games and used it in three positions: external right, left external and mezzala – underlines Tuttosport -. Role, the latter, in which Florenzi started his career and which for many remains his ideal. And it is there that Conte could use it, alternating it with Barella and Sensi, rather than as a right exterior where Candreva and Lazaro are doing well. But Florenzi could also be used a few meters further on, by attacking midfielder in a 3-4-2-1 that Conte tried in a couple of games. Technician and company have identified the department to be strengthened in the midfield and are seeking above all physical, dynamic rather than technical profiles (for this reason it no longer interests Rakitic). Vidal, Conte's favorite, yesterday said he wanted to win something with Barcelona and the Catalan club for now considers it incedible. If the prospects change in January and the Chilean is put on the market, Inter could think of it, but only on loan. Also like it De Paul, but the real goal of Inter is Kulusevski of Atalanta, on loan to Parma. Very complex operation to complete in January ". And then Florenzi could be the right name.

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