Trump rewards the dog-hero Conan. But the photo is a fake


The photo of the dog-hero Conan who participated in the raid against ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been around the world. Also because President Donald Trump wanted to immortalize himself with him by giving him the medal of honor, the highest honor for war heroes. Too bad that photo, according to New York Times, is a fake.

The image appeared on the Daily Wire, a conservative site, it would in fact be a modified version of a true photograph of Trump that assigns the medal of honor in 2017 to James McCloughan, a retired army doctor honored for having saved the lives of ten people during the Vietnam War . In the image tweeted by the president of the United States, however, McCloughan's head has been replaced with that of the dog, as shown by the image reproduced by the New York newspaper. McCloughan, interviewed by a journalist from NYT, smiled. Then he let himself go to a laconic joke: "Military dogs are very brave …".
Last Tuesday Donald Trump had tweeted another photo "of the wonderful animal" wounded during the raid in the Syrian compound of the ISIS leader. The Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, had wanted to inform the world that the dog "has performed an exceptional service, like all our soldiers". The Pentagon, by the mouth of General Frank McKenzie who heads the US central command, had been careful to explain that Conan had been injured after being exposed to live electrical cables: "But he returned to active duty," he immediately pointed out.Conan, a Malinois Belgian shepherd breed like the "colleague" Cairo who in 2011 took part in the raid that led to the death of Osama bin Laden, worked with the special forces for four years and took part in about 50 missions. McKenzie pointed out that working dogs like this are "effective members of our forces". In short, one that the medal for value certainly deserves. And also a real photo, probably.

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