Real Madrid, sensational: Zinedine Zidane can be exonerated! Two names to replace it


Zinedine Zidane at risk, Real Madrid may decide to exempt him in the coming days to replace him with two faces well known to Italian fans.

The defeat with the Mallorca in the championship, resulting in overtaking at the top of Barcelona, ​​he left behind Real Madrid with Zinedine Zidane playing the bench against Galatasaray. With just one point in two Champions League matches, the Istanbul race can mark the fate of the French coach. As reported by, rumors from Spain report that in case of defeat, Florentino Perez is ready to call back Jose Mourinho or, alternatively, Max Allegri. Istanbul, home of the next Champions League final, could mark the fate of Zidane on the bench of Real.

After the bad defeat with the Psg and the broken home draw with the Brugge, the Blancos cannot afford any further false steps against Galatasaray to avoid definitively compromising the qualification hopes for the second round. A race of vital importance for the team and for the French coach, fresh from the first defeat in the Liga and conditioned in the choices by the many problems in terms of injuries. In Turkey you can't go wrong anymore, because Perez's patience is running out. Mou is the president's favorite profile, because he already knows the environment, but there is also in the race Allegri, also courted by Manchester United. And saying no twice to Real is practically impossible …

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