LIVE TJ – SARRI IN CONFERENCE: "Result as a result of the difference in the quantity of calcium produced. On Douglas Costa …"


Maurizio Sarri commented in the press conference the 2-1 success on Lokomotiv Moscow. brings you his words live.

Considering that the opponents put a couple of coaches in front of the defense, was there a moment when he started to lose patience?

It looked like one of those games you dominate and you can't fix. Fortunately the players had the patience in the field. It wasn't easy, with that defensive density. Going against these teams is the worst thing that can happen. It was not easy to deal with it, we had patience, we continued to play and in the end we put it in place as a logical difference in the amount of calcium produced. They told me that we have beaten the ball possession and territorial supremacy since the Champions existed. It was not easy to deal with it, then it was clear that doing it with a few shots from the outside was the most likely event.

A judgment on Bentancur. In which of the three roles did you use it think it could do better?

He has this good ability to move the ball. In this phase he is doing it better from inside and trequartista and not from low apex, even if then it is a typical quality of the low vertex. It is strong, has good technical and physical qualities. It is still evolving, I think in the end it can become a good low summit, but from now to 25-26 years it can also become an excellent offensive internal midfielder. When you find this density it is true that you need players to attack the area, but also to move the ball quickly and he has this quality.

What teaching do you bring home from tonight especially in view of the return match?

I don't know if the return will be on the same wavelength because now the points of difference are greater and need a different attitude. If instead they will have the same attitude it means that their goal is the Europa League. But I don't think so, they could try to play it and a different game would come out. The boys had the right serenity, at one point it was also logical to widen them more, but it was difficult to find a solution with wide external strikers, so I preferred to field together Dybala Higuain and Ronaldo and try this solution.

Did Lokomotiv's deployment amaze you? And the state of form of Joao Mario? Is there a player who hit her?

The Lokomotiv in the league often plays with the 4-4-2, while in Europe so far had privileged a 4-1-4-1. Since yesterday we were sure he would play at 5. We expected it. They made a good defensive game, Joao Mario is certainly in a good moment, I saw him in good condition and I liked the playmaker who played behind Eder, the number 59. A good quality left leg with a good leg. It is a team that is difficult to deal with, when it comes to this kind of attitude it is not easy. In Leverkusen he had even taken away the full result.

There are 22 goals scored by Juve. From his point of view, does producing a lot and achieving only 25% be a good percentage?

Today we made 28 pitches. If we had done 25% of the goals it was a lot of stuff. We would have scored 7 goals. 25% is an impossible realization capacity. Let's say we are scoring less than what we create. It is also true, however, that our strikers in our games started to score regularly and this leaves us quite serene. If we continue to produce opportunities in this issue above all.

Does it seem to you that the gap between Italian and European football is being reduced? Or is it the same? Or is it expanding?

I think we can play it evenly, despite having a handicap with English football, which is above all economic because their global strength at this moment is made up of revenues that touch four times those of A and benefit all the clubs. A little we can reduce it because from the standpoint of professionalism and professionalism we are one step ahead of them, but reducing it to zero at this time is certainly not simple. I don't know if we will collectively be able to be competitive in Europe, but it seems to me that we have a fresh air. Until a few years ago in Serie A at 3-0 it was over, now you see the English football mentality of teams that want to play and overturn games that seemed already marked. A good sign is coming out and I hope it continues until the end.

How is Douglas Costa and when can we reasonably see him back on the field?

I don't know because right now he's still under the control of the medical staff and I know that the last checks were good and comforting. I should finish the process of rehabilitation with the medical staff I think in the coming days because the clinical recovery seems to be coming, then we have to see when the competitive recovery will come, because one can be well clinical, but must be ready to play. When he works with the team we can evaluate. He is normally one who also returns quickly in good condition. At this moment I would say a week or ten days to lie because I don't even know it. I hope the next 2-3 days will be available to me again.

Conference completed



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