Emilia Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini fears defeat: "Matteo Renzi, help me"


The metaphor of "boxer on the ropes"it is often abused, but it is very fitting to photograph the current situation of the center-left. Collected a very hard blow on the occasion of the regional elections in Umbria, the alliance Pd-M5s that holds the government will soon have another vote to address, the one in Emilia Romagna (26 January 2020). And this time he risks collecting the proverbial knockdown. Not by chance Stefano Bonaccini, leading member of the Democratic Party and outgoing Emilian president, is already lavishing on heartfelt appeals to all political forces: he knows well that he will need all possible support to resist the advance of the center-right led by Matteo Salvini, and in any case it is not certain that it is enough to maintain the red stronghold par excellence.

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For Bonaccini, however, the road to confirmation seems to immediately go uphill: as reported The print, the 5 Star Movement is ready to download the PD in all the upcoming regional elections, starting from those in Emilia Romagna. And so Bonaccini tries at least to recover the supporters of Matteo Renzi, thanks to the fact that the ex-scrapper would have assured him that Italia Viva will lend a hand to his list. The dem exponent, however, would also like to keep the grillini close, aware that, without their votes, the risk of losing the Region in favor of the center-right would increase considerably.

"On the 5 Stars I insist – Bonaccini clarifies in the aftermath of the vote in Umbria – are welcome if there is an agreement on the programs. It is valid for all those who do not want Emilia Romagna to end up in the hands of the League. Iv's candidates decide what to do, I'm interested in finding all the possible forms of agreement ". In conclusion, the Democratic Party is so desperate as to want to revive it in Emilia the Brancaleone army that was paved in Umbria, with the addition of the Renzians.

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