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While the Democratic Party and the M5s argue over the results of the Regionals, putting at risk the possible next alliances in Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Calabria, the Center right enjoys the triumph of Donatella Tesei with full seats, the renewal of the "Lega guide" elected and the exponential growth of Brothers of Italy. Observing the voting flows analyzed by the Cattaneo Institute, a figure on all of them is confirmed: «Right-wing voters have heard these regional elections as a political vote. One of the keys to Tesei's success is precisely their great mobilization in the vote. On the contrary, the 5 Stars had a collapse of participation. One in two did not go to the polls», The Ist.Cattaneo researcher underlines to Repubblica Rinaldo Vignati. Not only that, according to the results of the Regional Elections in Umbria, one abstention on two with respect to the Policies is revealed in the electorate while they are grilling several votes ex M5s went to other parties: "One fifth of the original 5Stelle basin voted Lega. A figure equal to 3.6 percent of the entire electorate. A quota even higher than those who confirmed their vote in the Movement. Only a marginal flow of votes from the 5 Star to the Democratic Party». As for the triumph of the League, the "secret" is more revealed by still partial voting flows: "Right-wing voters have drawn new force from exclusion from the government. For the rest, the Salvini's party snatches votes from Forza Italia, as well as the Cinquestelle. Over 2.5 percent of the entire electoral bodyis".

Umbria Regional Elections 2019: final results. Tesei Govrnatore: elected League – FdI – Pd – M5s – Forza Italia – Bianconi for Umbria – Tesei President


THE coalition results – when the scrutinized sections are completely complete and expects only the confirmation of the 20 newly elected members in the Regional Council – they reflect at a local level a tendency already seen at national level: in the Regional Elections of Umbria 2019 the center-right he triumphed with 58.84% of the preferences, which yielded the 12 seats divided into Alloy (8), FDI (2), Forza Italia and Tesei President (1). At the level of individual consents, the League closes the results of the 2019 Regionals with 36.95%, followed by Fratelli d'Italia at 10, 40% and all the others, Forza Italia (5.5%), Tesei Presidente ( 3.93%), Umbria Civica (2.06%). The center-left to the test of the "Pd-M5s civic pact" is fiercely defeated: the 36.8% overall that yields 7 total seats, sees the Pd to 22.33%, followed by M5s at 7.41%, from Bianconi for Umbria (4.03%), Green Civic Left (1.61%) e Europe Green Umbria (1.43%). Rossano Rubicondi with his Communist party he collects 1.01% while Emiliano Camuzzi records 0.87% in results, the result of 0.32% of Power to the People and 0.5% of PCI. Martina Carletti with Reconquest Italy closes at 0.21% while the former colonel Antonio Pappalardo with orange vests no more than 0.13%, just in front of Giuseppe Cirillo and to his Party Good Manners that remains on foot at 0.10%.


It was not a victory Donatella Tesei, but an authentic one triumph at the Umbria Regional Elections 2019: i final results arrived this morning after the polls in the night see the success of the Center right with 57.55% of votes in front of and clearly to the challenger of “Civic and Social Pact ”of Pd-M5s Vincenzo Bianco, firm at 37.48% and clearly defeated along with the entire coalition of center-left. For the first time in history, Umbria will have a non-left-wing president, with Tesei who thanked last night when all the exact accounts were not yet known on seats, elected and rejected "thanks to the Umbrians who showed great maturity and courage, It was not at all easy and obvious». It is a triumph of the Center-right but above all it is a triumph of the League of Matteo Salvini: with an electoral campaign all played against the Giallorossi government, the Carroccio has collected 36.95% of preferences, in front of a new exploit of Brothers of Italy climbed up to 10.40% and the result certainly reduced compared to the already disappointing European elections for Forza Italia, which closes at 5.50%. Holds the Pd despite the defeat (22.33%) but it is vertical collapse of the M5s that with Bianconi it does not go beyond the 7.41%, more than halved the vote of the Political Elections of 2018.


According to these results emerged from the polls of the Regional Elections 2019 Umbria – pending official confirmation by the regional electoral committee – it is already possible to know the new Regional Council composed of 20 elected representatives who will occupy the same number of Umbrian seats. In addition to President Tesei and Bianconi elected as the runner-up candidate, is the Binds to obtain the greatest "loot" with 8 seats won: the Center-right also gets 2 seats with Brothers of Italy, 1 each for Forza Italia and Tesei President. Instead, 7 seats pass to the opposition: 5 for the Democratic Party, 1 only for M5s and "Bianconi for Umbria". At the level of the names of the elected councilors, waiting also here for the definitive seal of the committee, the most voted voters are for the League Valerino Mancini (6512 votes), Stefano Pastorali (5761), Valeria Alessandrini (4928), Francesca Peppucci (4837), Paola Fioroni (4665), Daniele Nicchi (4103), Daniele Dearest (3674), Eugenio Rondini (3661). For FdI elected to the Council Marco Squarta (5908), Eleonora Pace (3380), while for Forza Italia it enters Roberto Morroni (2276). A councilor also for Tesei President with Paola Agabiti Urbani elected with 3006 preferences. Together with Bianconi, they will sit for the Democratic Party Tommaso Bori (6367), Simona Meloni (4080), Fabio Paparelli (3838), Donatella Porzi (3609) e Michele Bettarelli (3532); for the M5s elected only Thomas De Luca (2252), for Bianconi for Umbria instead elected Andrea Fora.


The Center Right asks the Government to pack up for the next Regional Elections (Emilia Romagna, Calabria and Tuscany), the Civic Pact does not convince and is already "downloaded" as much from the Pd as from the M5s: in the middle of the Premier Conte which minimizes on the local result of the Regionals in Umbria but is clearly concerned about the keeping of its Government, especially for one Budget maneuver which is approaching with anything but serene situation. The consequences of the elections in Perugia and Terni could be felt in the coming days, with Salvini increasingly leading the consensus and the electoral results and a total collapse of the M5s that can only make Di Maio and Casaleggio reflect: «I don't think we can make a hot decision as if there were only one decision maker. The Movement is a democratic force, if only one decides it would be a big problem»He explains Dino Giarrusso, M5s MEP while still awaiting the public intervention of Luigi Di Maio to comment on the burning defeat. In the PD speaks Matteo Orfini e attacks the alliance in Umbria «If you lose by fighting for your ideas, you can build on defeat. If you lose by sacrificing your battles to unnatural alliances, you can only lose again. Let's go back to fighting for our ideas, even if it seems difficult. Indeed, above all because it seems difficult». In the morning a note of the Dem office trying to diminish the extent of defeat: «In Umbria, the Democratic Party held the results of the Europeans a few months ago despite abandonments, splits, judicial inquiries and the early termination of the legislature. These are the facts: the defeat is clear but confirms those relations of force that came out of the last European elections and the trend, which has been underway for some years, is not favorable to the center-left as seen in the 2018 policies and in the recent administrative elections with the defeat in many large municipalities in the region».


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