Juan Fernando Quintero would not go to the Best 2019 awards and is close to returning with River Plate (EXTERNAL COLOMBIAN PLAYERS)


In the afternoon of Tuesday, September 17, this information was published from the press that covers River Plate news, which has 2 readings. First it has been announced that, after speaking with coach Marcelo Gallardo, Juan Fernando Quintero would not go to The Best 2019 awards as he hopes to be available as soon as possible to return to the field.

In the program 'Fox Sports Radio Argentina' spoke the journalist Mauro Palacios, who is pending the 'millionaire' club, and said that next Saturday, September 20 would be the final day for the Colombian to return to normal activity. Remembering that on March 17, 2019 he had a ruptured ligament in his left knee and the estimated 6 months for medical recovery have passed.

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The mentioned journalist mentioned in the program of the sports chain that:

"The news for the River fan is that on Saturday he is discharged from 'JuanFer' Quintero, he will start working without problems.

And he chatted with Gallardo and decided not to travel to Milan, for the Fifa gala because his goal is possibly awarded to Racing. He decided with Gallardo not to travel to avoid losing days, this is the information I handle, but Saturday is the date of the medical discharge for 'JuanFer' Quintero "

It is very good news for those who come in the Copa Libertadores 2019 and the semifinals against Boca Juniors, in addition to the friendly Colombia team of October and November. But you can also understand that his goal would not have been chosen to win the Puskas 2019 prize and that is why his presence in the best of the year gala in world football is not necessary, although this is speculation and nothing is known yet about the topic.

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