Fernandes gives a hint on what United will do with Pogba


The Portuguese has been one of the names of summer, since much of it has not stopped rumors that it could have been the substitute for Pogba in case it had signed by the Madrid. Finally, the incorporation of the world champion to the team led by Zidane, and after statements by the president of Fiorentina, he directly related the Portuguese with a future dressed in white, whereby those of Shell Thorn could have paid about 70 million.

Well, according to the aforementioned media the English team would no longer be willing to make any offer that would end the midfielder of the Sporting in Old Trafford, where for now, it seems that, despite their desire, they do have Paul Pogba in their ranks (The good news Hazard has given)

In the short term this makes us indicate that the Manchester He has no plans to let the Frenchman out as he has ruled one of the leading candidates to finish in the Red Devils from his list of futures in case Pogba leaves.

Bruno Fernandes could also end up in the Bernabeu as various sources have pointed out in recent weeks, in fact, according to ‘A Bola’ it will renew with the Portuguese on the condition that they let it go Heading to Madrid.

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