Cruz Azul modifies username in social networks


The party in Cruz Azul, the brothers Álvarez and Víctor Garcés continues and has now reached the social networks of the club, which had Username changes.

The first account that was modified was that of Twitter, in which the club was under the name of Cruz Azul FC. However, through a message it was reported that FC is part of the story and now the user is Cruz Azul CD, which refers to the name of the original name of the team, which is Cultural and Social Sports Club.

“Do not panic, we were not hacked or anything like that. As of today you can find us on Twitter with our new user: @CruzAzulCD. But don't worry we are still your favorite team and we will keep building the glory ”, says the publication, which was deleted an hour later, after the account lost the verification badge.

Shortly after the name was modified in Facebook account to Club Deportivo Cruz Azul. Previously the user was Cruz Azul Futbol Club. Until 3:00 p.m., on Instagram the user was still FC, as well as on the website.

The name of Cultural and Social Sports Club it was modified in 2011, when Guillermo Álvarez managed to dismiss his brother Alfredo and Víctor Garcés of their respective functions in the cooperative.

However, in 2015 he returned to the identity of Cultural and Social Sports Club before the records of the Mexican Soccer Federation, according to what Victor Garcés told the day he presented Robert Dante Siboldi.

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“In 2011, an association called Cruz Azul Futbol Club was formed and business was done apart from the team to our social work. In the Mexican Soccer Federation we have the official record. The Cooperative has control and Cruz Azul Futbol Club no longer exists and only what he granted at the time is liquidated, now only Cruz Azul Social Cultural Sports Club remains, ” Garcés said.

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