What is the price of childcare?


What is the price of childcare?

This year, the rates of the nursery assistants stabilize at 3.52 euros, on average, per hour and per child. This is revealed by a study conducted by the Yoopies childcare platform, in partnership with the national network of Urssaf, the Acoss (the "bank" of social security, which collects contributions from individuals and companies and distributed the benefits to the insured persons). After several years of strong growth, the rates for childminders increased by only 0.8% in 2019. In Corsica, they charge an average of 4.44 euros per hour, while In Brittany, the score is 3.43 euros. Figures that will appeal to a large number of parents, since the hiring of a maternal assistant is the most common mode of individual care: 86% of employers' parents They use it. "This is a very practical way of keeping. The nursery assistants have flexible schedules and welcome children even when they are sick. This is not the case in nursery, "says Benjamin Suchar, the founder of Yoopies.Avec aids, 119 euros per month on average However, parents of young children have to pay an average of 511 euros per month to pay their maternal assistant . "It's a big sum of money that modest families can not always move forward," says Benjamin Suchar. Indeed, the financial aid such as the "additional care mode" does not fall on the bank account until the end of the month. In reality, once the aid received, the amount of hiring a maternal assistant is only 119 euros per month on average. Hence the desire of Yoopies to be the intermediary between the services of the URSSAF, the parents employers and the nursery assistants. "We want to democratize access to home care. The cost should not be a brake on hiring …

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