Us Open: Gael Monfils decrypts his incredible match point with a 360 – US Open (H)


Gael Monfils made the gesture of the day Thursday at the US Open by finishing his second round with an incredible smash started with a "360" on the match point against Marius Copil. The French, 13th world player and regular show, returned in details on this moment of pleasure.

The idea: come in a flash during the point

Monfils may have allowed himself this leap and turn on himself because he had in front of Marius Copil with whom he gets on well. The two men gave themselves a nice hug at the end with a smile. "No, I would do it with anyone I think, cut off Monfils. I missed it a bit because when I saw the ball, I had to think very fast. I told myself good: "6-3, 6-2, 5-2 and 40-15, two match points … We're going." "

Execution: he scored 8 out of 10

When he arrived at a press conference, the Frenchman had not yet seen his gesture, which nevertheless flourished on social networks. "I did not see him but felt, I missed him a little, he repeated. Besides, I fell. The fall was to hide that … but I had only a fraction of a second before otherwise I could have better prepared my gesture and it would have looked better. " Between two questions, we showed him the video, from an angle taken from the side of the field, close to the ground. "I'm a little near (of the ball) still … ", he judged on his impulse before giving himself a note: "Go a good 8 out of 10."

The inspiration: from basketball and worked in training

Monfils assures that his clan, despite its small fall at the end, has never trembled about the possibility of injury on this acrobatics. "Honestly, since I do this 360 quite often when I play basketball, there is little chance"reassured Denis Shapovalov's future opponent. " The (tennis), There are not a lot (from 360) but in the NBA when there is an opportunity, it dunke, it goes up, he explained. We see a lot more, it becomes commonplace and when you grow up with it, even if you do another sport, you want to have fun simply … If I have the right ball. " In the end, Monfils said "Happy to have done it". Only regret the timing. "Because we're so robotized, the idea came to me late (of the action), he resumed laughing. In training … wow, the same, he is mythical. "

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