Unsuccessful searches to find a 15-year-old


After two days of research, the 15-year-old who sank in the Saint-Maurice River can not be found.

Because of the currents, the police's efforts moved on the St. Lawrence River, downstream from Île Saint-Quentin.

"We focus a lot on the riverbank patrol. For now, we have passed the village of Champlain. It is likely that the body is there with the force of the current, "says Luc Mongrain, spokesman for the police of Trois-Rivières

At the beginning of the afternoon, because of bad weather, the research had to be interrupted.

According to the general manager of Île Saint-Quentin, who is familiar with the place, strong currents would have left no chance for the victim.

"It looks calm on the surface, but below, the current is powerful. It is clear that the person was sucked, "indicates Stéphane Lamothe.

At the City of Trois-Rivières, it is estimated that every effort will be made to avoid this type of accident.

"Signs have been installed and the buoys removed so as not to create a false sense of security," said Guillaume Cholette-Janson, spokesman for the City.

Searches may resume as soon as favorable weather conditions return.

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