the ONPC public tells the passage of Yann Moix


The recording of the first season number ofWe are not lying took place Friday night at the Gabriel studio in Paris. Several spectators describe the moment when the writer in turmoil spoke to Laurent Ruquier.

"We do not know the story well but he spoke well", "he was sincere", "we felt a lot of humanity", "I found it very good". At the exit of the recording of the first season issue ofWe are not lying , the spectators are conquered. Conquered by the passage of Yann Moix, one of the guests of Laurent Ruquier. This is the first time that the writer and director has been speaking in front of cameras since the controversy sparked by his novel Orleans (Grasset) in which he describes the abuse he allegedly suffered by his parents during childhood.

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"Unrecognizable", another word that often comes back to the studio Gabriel this Friday at midnight past. According to the spectators, the former sniper d'ONPC appeared marked by controversy. "He was moved, even on the verge of tears, much less arrogant than before," describes Serge. "We have not recognized," adds this regular emissions Laurent Ruquier. "It was devastated, I never saw it like that," confirms Marie,. But Saturday night, in front of the TV, it will be necessary to wait two good hours before seeing it. In the new formula of the show, the main guest arrives at the end. "It was long, we waited a lot," says Alexis, a young person who like many other members of the public will then be disappointed by the content of the debate.

"He is ready to talk to his brother again, to forgive him"

Marie, a spectator of On is not lying

Because the conversation turned more to antisemitic texts and drawings revealed by The Express rather than the book he was promoting. From the outset, even before Laurent Ruquier took the floor, Yann Moix has also apologized to the Jewish community. "He said he lived with this secret for 30 years. He knew it was going to come out, "says Marie who left the studio before the end of the shoot. "He also apologized for tolerating people who were" dark shit ", of being mean to Cope in ONPCShe continues. Yann Moix also spoke about his family. "He defended his brother who, according to him, is just as traumatized as him," Serge tells us. "He is ready to talk to him again, to forgive him. Not to his parents, however. Finally, the director of Podium and Cinéman has confided on his moods to say that he chose not to commit suicide. "Then, he confessed, and this is a first, he might want to have children," says Philip, another faithful talk show Saturday night.

What about Adele Van Reeth and Franz-Olivier Giesbert, the chroniclers of the evening? "The philosphere tried to return a little on the book but each time, it forked," regrets Marie. "Giebsert has his usual banter, he likes to put his little sentence. He said that Yann Moix's book will remain in the annals, "remembers Xavier. His passage in ONPC also, obviously.

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Public opinion on the new formula
"The chroniclers are much more absent than in previous seasons and less involved," summarize Benjamin, Alexis and Xavier, three friends who go every year to the recording of the season premiere. No reference will be made to Frédéric Beigbeder who canceled his visit at the last minute due to the non-remuneration. Moreover, despite what had been promised by producer Catherine Barma on France Inter, Laurent Ruquier would have hardly promoted the news of Adele Van Reeth and Franz-Olivier Giesbert. "They had nothing to sell, they really did it for free," say the trio of friends. As for the new formula, most of the spectators interviewed do not see the difference. A downside, the number of guests: "There are too many!", Judge Benjamin.

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