Serena Williams shares what comes to her mind during games


What is thinking Serena Williams during a match? Former world number 1 revealed what was going on in his head during his three-set win over Marie Bouzkova in the semi-finals of the Rogers Cup.

"My mind goes astray a lot"admitted Serena. "At one point, I was thinking about my bra, and I thought, Oh, God, Serena, you make fun of me, yeah, I can not (should) do that.

You know, one thing about being able to play a lot of games is learning how to regain concentration. "This is the first time since Rome 2016 that Serena had to play for five consecutive days.

How will she recover? "I have not had to do it for a very long time, we'll see what happens, you know, it's really different for me. I knew (this) when entering the tournament.

When they told me Wednesday, I said, oh, my God. Are you sure? We'll see. I feel really motivated, but at the same time I feel – you know, I feel good again. I feel really good.

So, I trained a lot and did all I needed. We will see how I feel tomorrow (the day of the final) … ". Speaking of Bouzkova, Williams concluded: "When you're so young, everything is so much fun.

I mean, everything is always fun. But everything is new and everything is a different challenge and there is not much pressure. You know, so it's just different, and it's really always a benefit (for young people). "

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