Sarthe: the crazy car of an elderly person goes into the market, four wounded


Four people were injured, including one seriously, after being hit by a crazy car on Saturday morning in the market of Sable-sur-Sarthe (Sarthe) reports Les Nouvelles de Sablé.

According to the regional weekly, around 10 am, while many onlookers were shopping on the market, an elderly person lost control of his car that went through the stalls of traders. At this busy hour, several people were mown by the crazy car that stopped in the middle of the market.

Very quickly the gendarmes and firefighters intervened to help four victims, three people injured slightly and one more seriously. The four victims were transported to the hospital center of Bailleul.

"She could not slow down anymore"

According to the first elements of the investigation, the driver mistakenly steered the front of her vehicle as evidenced by one of the market traders: "This is a senior who obviously has health problems. When she wanted to get out of the car park, she started walking forward and hit a stand and customers. She could not brake anymore. "

"I saw the car rushing with the sound of someone pressing hard on the accelerator. Then I saw my friend who was on the ground, "says a market woman from West France. "It was very fast. The car is a part of a sudden, "says Jerome Chauvin, a shopkeeper next door to the accident.

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