Sarkozy dedicates his book at a frantic pace (and he has a trick)


POLITICS – He dedicates faster than his shadow. This Thursday, August 29, Nicolas Sarkozy made his political return to bosses and entrepreneurs gathered at the summer university of Medef, this year organized at the racecourse of Longchamp in Paris.

After a speech focused on major international issues, the former President of the Republic engaged in yet another book signing of his recent book Passions, an autobiographical narrative in which he traces essentially the first part of his political life.

As you can see in the video at the head of the articlethe former head of state can reach a speed of dedication particularly fast against the flood of his political supporters. And the least we can say is that the process is well oiled, thanks to his adviser who scrolls in front of him the books, inside which a sticky is pasted beforehand to indicate the name of the reader.

Nicolas Sarkozy, who is not his first political book, is so prowled to exercise, he sometimes even raises his eyes in full dedication to pose facing the cameras.

The trick of the sticky is a habit of the politician. "The ballet is expertly orchestrated, a post-it in the book with the name of each person saves time", told France Bleu Normandie last July, about a signing session in Deauville.

"Like that, no mistake on the first names. Because it's pretty annoying to see his misspelled first name ", justified to 20 minutes a member of the team of the former president, during the primary of the right in 2016. "We do not really have time to talk to him, but it's already that", commented then a reader who came to dedicate his book in Courbevoie.

François Hollande, a much slower pace

The process is less well oiled in the presidential successor of Nicolas Sarkozy. François Hollande, famous for long discussions with his readers, sometimes engage in signing sessions that drag on. In May 2018, François Hollande was released from such an exercise at 2am, after 11 hours of autograph dedication in Brittany.

"The ritual is simple. To each person who signs a dedication, ask for the first name, the city of origin and the trade. Then bounce back, follow on anecdotes, remarks or jokes. This rhetoric, François Hollande masters it wonderfully, "reported last July The Parisian, after a passage of the socialist to Creteil.

It must be said, however, that Nicolas Sarkozy chained this summer a marathon of sessions where sometimes hundreds of people. A month after its release, his book already reached 220,000 copies sold, 80,000 more than The lessons of power of François Hollande.

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