"Sarah was scared of him, she had complained"


Maill. Investigations continued yesterday after the murder of a woman. His ex, already convicted of violence, remained the main suspect.

She feared him and the worst happened. Sarah was afraid of him, she had complained but had not given anything. He had followed her several times, says a relative of the mother of three children shot with a gun on the night of Wednesday, August 28. The day of his 30 years.

That evening, Sarah Vedel returned Maill in her new home for a new departure with a new companion.
"He heard her scream and he heard like an explosion" The waitress of Zinc Vasles, loving the pleasures of life, hoped to draw a line on the past.
She had just separated from an ex with whom she had been for five years. They had a little boy together two and a half years ago. But did not go anymore. She told us, continues this close sidr by the death of Sarah.

Sidr, like the neighbors who barely knew the young woman, had been coming for only a few weeks, like the colleagues and customers of Zinc enjoying the young woman.
Sidration Maill and Vasles The investigation of the gendarmes of the research section had started around midnight on Tuesday night Wednesday. The victim's companion was in the room while she was out to get her car , says the prosecutor of the Republic of Poitiers, Michel Garrandaux.

He heard her scream, he heard like an explosion. He found her outside bathed in a pool of blood. He notified the rescue but unfortunately when the Samu arrived she was already deceased.
A death caused by massive bleeding after a single shot in the chest near the heart.

The investigation quickly turned towards the ex-companion in that the victim, after their separation, had lodged a complaint in May for threat and harassment, the prosecutor continues.
A complaint in the hands of the prosecution of Niort since the complaint had been filed Parthenay, near his new place of work.

Sarah Vedel, shot on the day of her 30th birthday.

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He denies The prosecutor assures that this was the only report reached to the judicial authorities when the main suspect, Ludovic Guillon, was implicated in 2011 in a previous separation that he did not accept.

Yesterday, at the press point of the prosecutor, the former companion suspected of having predicted the murder, denied the facts. He is in the dni. He claims to have seen the victim one last time shortly on August 15 during a visitation. We have elements that allow us to strongly suspect it.

The prosecutor did not wish to say more, while the custody of the man, soon quadrangular and remaining Latill, had been prolonged in the morning.
Former jockey He must be dfr this Friday morning before the prosecutor for his presentation an investigating judge of the criminal criminal of Poitiers.

He is liable to criminal prosecution. The lawyer of Ludovic Guillon does not wish to express himself in the current state of the file on the facts reproached this former professional jockey.

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