Metz-PSG arrested after homophobic songs and banners (photo)


Another match interruption in Ligue 1. The match between Metz and PSG was stopped after 22 minutes, for 2 minutes, by the referee after several announcements by the announcer following banners and homophobic songs.

A banner was unfurled on the side of Metz with lyrics of a song by Angèle ("Balance your what"): "PSG, LFP, let me sing you to go in, hmm … I will not go to the tv because my words are not very gay.

Similar events had occurred in Nice-Marseille where supporters had deployed banners "LFP / Instance: full parking for gay stadiums" or "Welcome to the group Ineos (who has just bought the club, ed) : Nice also we like the pedal! ".

Supporters had also sung the song: "The Marseillais are p …"

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