Maria Serena, Fontana Rosa, Les Halles market … discover Menton by electric bike


Led by the speaker, Patricia Béguin, the small team gets on her electric-powered racing car – which makes perfect sense when attacking a first hill. The one leading to Villa Maria Serena and its remarkable garden, in the far east of the city.

On site, with a breathtaking view of the old town and the Mediterranean, the occasion is perfect to remember how rich the botanical heritage is in Menton.
Suitable place for acclimatization
"The city was French for a short time when it opened to big tourism – mainly for sanitary reasons." Back from settlements, the English reproduce here the little paradise they knew and that the climate of their country did not allow, says the guide.
Indicating that today there are seven remarkable gardens in the city. Insisting that Maria Serena – an estate dating from 1886, remained private until 1949 – is particularly known for its collection of palm trees.
"It is here that the microclimate is the most interesting, with the proximity of the sea and the rock mass.The result: the place is ideal for acclimatization."
As for the villa, its vocation is unchanged for many years: it serves as a setting for receptions of illustrious guests. Like former President René Coty (four times), Jean Cocteau, Barbara Hendricks or the French author Dominique Fernandez, who devoted a novel to the "Pearl of France". Yet so close to the border.
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