"I will support Christian Jacob," says Cope (LR)


The Republicans will make their political comeback this weekend at La Baule (Loire-Atlantique). Activists will elect a new president mid-October, there are three candidates, Christian Jacob, Julien Aubert and Guillaume Larrivé. Who will Jean-François Cope vote for? "I will support Christian Jacob, it is not an injury to Julien Aubert or Guillaume Larrivé to say that I support him because he is a professional of politics", says Jean-Francois Cope on the set of 4 Truths of France 2, Friday, August 30.

"We need at the head of what remains of the French right of someone who is in a position to gather, to allow everyone to give the best of himself, to reconnect with the debate, to do methodically today, the one with this experience is Christian Jacob ", explains Jean-François Cope.

How to make the Republicans become audible again to the French? "I think it would be nice if she starts to get back to authenticity and sincerity, for example not to be forced all the time as a rule when we think that a measure taken by the government is good"says Jean-Francois Cope, for whom the G7 was a success. The municipal elections of 2020 are looming.

Should there be agreements between LR and LREM? "It depends on the places, I think we have to be pragmatic, in the first round, everyone has to go with their colors and then see what is happening in the second", says Jean-François Cope. "Let's not fool ourselves, we have populists, extremists in front of us who want to take power and destabilize our countries in Europe and in the world", concludes the mayor of Meaux, considering that he "It's vital that the French right rebuilds itself".

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