direction "nightclubs" for Pair, "insulted" by Bedene


Is this the ball of missed opportunities (three match points in the fourth inning, a 5-1 ball in the fifth set) or the attitude of his opponent that annoyed him the most? Benoît Paire explained his refusal to shake hands with Aljaz Bedene after losing Thursday in the second round of the US Open by being "insulted" during the match by his opponent.

"When a person insults me in his towel at the side change to a set zero, 6-5 when I come to the breaker, that the referee tells him 'you do not have the right to talk to him' and that he he talks to me, he talks to me, he talks to me … I think that at some point we have to put sanctions on, "explained Paire.

"Not in the rules of sport"

"I think Bedene is also very expensive," he added in reference to Nick Kyrgios who has recently been fined $ 113,000 for his behavior on the court.

"At some point, when the guy talks to me in his briefcase just change side when I'm going to serve for the set, I find it disrespectful, it's not done, it's not in the rules of sport", continued the Frenchman.

"I can get angry with myself, that's good, but let him talk to me like that, no, he stays at home, he talks at home, he talks to his parents, he tells his mother if he wants but not mine, "said Paire, thinking back to the scene.

Pair knows "how to forget this game"

"In the end, it's easier: he wins so everything is fine, but he forgot that a set to zero and 6-5, he insulted me in his briefcase," he said again After this disappointment, Paire announced to take rest.

"I'm going to do one or two weeks well off, where I will not be seen on the tennis courts, but more in the nightclubs!", He assured. "I'm having a great year, here I am, I'll remember that, I'm going to forget this game, I know how to forget it," he said.

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