Apple will certify more external repairers


Apple, which has long preferred the "home made" for repairs, said Thursday it would expand the network of repairers that can replace the brand of smartphones that are no longer under warranty.
This new program, which will first be launched in the United States before being extended to other countries, must offer the possibility to "large or small" companies to have access "to the same spare parts, to the same tools , at the same training, the same manuals and diagnostic tools as the repairers currently approved Apple.

This program is intended to expand the number of repairers and "to better meet customer demand".

At present, the Apple brand has a worldwide network of some 5,000 certified members to repair Apple products, whether under warranty or not.

Certification of repairers is free.

It is another gesture of openness for the Cupertino company, notoriously anxious to control everything.

It had already recently tripled the number of authorized repairers in the United States through the certification of all Best Buy consumer electronics distribution networks.

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