Alain Souchon praises Emmanuel Macron, a "talented" and "brilliant" president (VIDO)


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After 11 years of solo discography, Alain Souchon is back in the limelight through the titles "Almost" and "me Fifties", the first potical extracts of his new album "me Fifties" which will be released on the 18th October. Make songs is quite complicated, you take the head well (…) Each time it's a small challenge, we say "provided that has to do with people, that it is not completely silly what I do". We are always a little anxious because our job is to entertain people even when entrusts the vtran of the French song RTL, he who paul in this new adventure by his son Charles (aka Bear) and Pierre but also Edouard Baer or Laurent Voulzy, his sidekick forever. Attacks, ecology, politics … This much anticipated project will be inspired by the news? This is the question that Alain Souchon answered in the mission "Let yourself be tempted". it's sweating everywhere. We are all worried about the plant, we are mus did he first begin before throwing himself into Emmanuel Macron's box: We are used to having a president so talented, so young and at the same time who is banging on the fingers all day long .

"It's moving these courses"

Without entering into a debate on the political action of the government of Edouard Philippe, Alain Souchon expressed his admiration for the current President of the Republic in the face of the many criticisms of which he is the subject. "Little swatter, we'll cut your head", it was marked in the street of Rennes and home. Shocked me. And at the same time … It's funny these courses. It is moving these courses. These people so brilliant, so intelligent, so cultivated, who find themselves so young … (…) It's a novel. In any case, the lives of our presidents are often romantic. Whether Mitterrand, Chirac or Franois Holland. These are so brilliant people affirmed the interpreter of "Behind the words".Thus, Alain Souchon praises the courage of Emmanuel Macron, youngest president read of the history of France: On politics, I found him sometimes arrogant. Of course, it's because he's young. But it's pretty beautiful to see this young boy head of an important state as a, if cultivated. You know today in politics, it's hard to say "what do you do well?" Franois Hollande said "let him go, let him go". I was in the time of General de Gaulle and everyone also said "he goes away, he is old, he makes us shit". And now everyone appreciates it . Politics is special … concluded Alain Souchon, believing that a democratic country was difficult to manage .

Watch Alain Souchon talk about Emmanuel Macron:

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