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Turkey's agenda that marked it turned out the doctor Adnan Oktar terrorist organization in the event

Bağcılar Training and Research Hospital in 2018, most of them are 34 Syrian children under the age of 15 pregnant women, although not reported to the judicial authorities by the case of the case of 18 doctors tried today.

Bakirkoy 2nd Criminal Court of First Instance began the hearing with the defense of O.Y. Specialist Doctor OY, the incident on the day that the patient saw the Emergency Child Polyclinic, said: "The patient came to complain of severe menstrual pain. Considering the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, I referred to the birth of women. The event is explained by the doctors in the computer system. But it was passed to the system used by these doctors incorrectly. I did not do my job in the system, as if the record was not created. I do not accept the charges against me. " said.


Adnan Oktar Gynecologist H.E.A., who was also detained in the criminal case, attended the hearing with the Audio and Video Information System (SEGBİS). The doctor H.E.A., who claimed that the patients in question had not been examined by him. "Most of the patients were Syrians. We were notified to the hospital police and social services since we were not notified how to make the notification. said.

Two doctors and one staff member who were heard as witnesses at the hearing stated that all patients suspected of being under 18 years of age were reported to specialist doctors and policemen but they could not be processed by the police because the patients were Syrian. The court adjourned the hearing to a later date, ordering two police officers to be heard as witnesses.


The indictment prepared by the Bakırköy Public Prosecutor's Office stated that an investigation was initiated on the criminal complaint against health personnel due to the lack of notification of the pregnancy status of young children to safety. In the indictment, the doctors who made the detection of pregnancy under the age of 15 and claimed not to make a notification E.V.K., C.İ, N.A, Ü.H, N.K.A, Ö.A, I.Ş.Y, Ö.A, M.E.Ö. and G.A are charged with "imprisonment of 6 months to 3 years and 6 months" on the grounds that "the public official does not report the crime as chained" for not reporting more than one case. The doctors, who apparently did not report one case, were E.U, H.E.A, İ.A.K, İ.B, M.T.K, O.Y, Ş.Y.A, Y.C. for "not to report the crime of public officials" for 6 months to 2 years imprisonment is demanded.

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