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Today's Agenda! The agenda of Haberturk.com (12 November 2019)

Today's Agenda As expected developments in Turkey …

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will depart from Esenboğa Airport to the US capital Washington at 11.00 for a meeting with US President Donald Trump. President Erdogan and Trump are expected to address critical issues such as developments in Syria, the S-400 and F-35 issues, the safe haven, the Halkbank case, and the House of Representatives resolution.

Parliamentary Assembly today, the CHP, HDP and the parliamentary group meetings of the GOOD Party will be held.

The General Assembly of the Parliament, Payment and Securities Reconciliation Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions Law and some laws will continue to negotiate the proposed law amendments.

The Treasury and Finance Ministry will hold three separate bond auctions with 11 months, 6 and 7 years maturity.

TurkStat will announce health expenditures for 2018 and red meat production statistics for the second quarter of the year.

In Bolivia, developments are being followed after President Evo Morales's resignation from the military, calling for his resignation. While these developments took place in Bolivia, Morales was reportedly asylum in Mexico.


According to recent assessments made of Meteorology, sunny day is expected to spend the whole of Turkey, the western regions 2 to 5 degrees temperature rise. In other regions, no significant change is expected.


The dollar rate, the White House sanctions on the impact of the negative developments observed in developing countries' currencies and 5.79'un test during the day, the markets focused on Wednesday's meeting with President Erdogan and Trump. On November 12, the dollar / TL changed hands from 5.7708 and started downwards.

DOLLAR – 5,77
EURO – 6,36

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