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Noble: Foreign ISIS residents will be extradited by the end of the year | TURKEY | DW

The Reuters news agency that Interior Minister Suleiman would be returned to their country by the end of the year most noble of foreign suspects in Turkey Isidor said.

Soylu said that the deadlines cannot be given when the extradition will be completed, and that the refunds will be made according to the suspects' circumstances. This week, six or seven ISIS suspects, including Irish and Dutch citizens, will be sent home, the Interior Minister said. Solomon Soylu, "I think by the end of the year will be sent to a large part of their country," he said.

737's in the country, according to official data, Turkey's ISID has about 200 thousand suspects, including foreign nationals. Ankara, the Turkish Armed Forces in northern Syria during the military operation of 287 foreign ISIS suspects were arrested.

Sweden is preparing to deportation from Turkey

On the other hand, an analyst at the Swedish Security Service Ahn-Za Hagström, the organization said in a statement to the Swedish radio will start preparations for the expulsion of Turkey he said that Isidor suspects.

Hagström could be deported from Turkey to Sweden "small number", he said Isidor sympathizer. Hagström said the police were preparing as well as possible for the possibility of the persons returning to Sweden, adding that the security authorities had the identity of those persons.

The Swedish Security Service estimates the number of Swedish citizens linked to ISIS to be around 100 in the war zones.

10 people returned to Germany

Turkey on November 11 began to return to the country they are citizens of foreign ışid'li. On the same day a suspect, a German citizen, was deported. A family of seven was returned to Germany on November 14 and two women were returned on November 15. In addition, ISIS suspects were deported to Denmark, Britain and the USA.

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