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After striking out explanation of Turkey's Iran to prevent it from reaching the US goal

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyid Abbas Jewish"Our relations with Turkey summit"review of Azeri expert Farhad IbrahimovAnkara and Tehran have pushed the struggle to increase influence in the region to the second plan by sharing the same view with Jewish.

Valday International Discussion ClubPolitical expert Farhad Ibrahimov told Sputnik, "why the attitude of Turkey and Iran, as well as Washington's NATO ally, Iran conducted against Turkey relies on aggressive policy. The US threatened to heed Turkey, it continues to receive oil from Iran, thus defying the West and examples to those who fear the country is going to receive from Iranian oil sanctions. Both countries aim to reach a trade volume of $ 30 billion. Today's trade volume is $ 7.5 billion. Turkey, in the very close cooperation in agriculture with Iran. It should also be noted that Ankara actively supports Iran in the nuclear deal. Turkey is not party to this agreement, but it is completely beside Iran. Both Tehran and Ankara both Iran of Americans formats of such cooperation is sure to not let them reach their full solitary goal against Turkey"

'If the print increased Turkey-Iran relations are deepening'

Stating that the two countries are now united in a strong political position, Ibrahimov said:If the US continues to put pressure on Turkey, Iran-Turkey relations will further deepen" said.

'Cooperation is actively developing in foreign policy'

According to Ibrahimov, given the cooperation in the Astana process, Turkish-Iranian cooperation is actively developing in foreign policy.

Ibrahimov, "TLooking at the recent meeting of Turkish and Iranian foreign ministers in Baku, it can be seen that the positions are similar in many respects. Tehran, Syria, Turkey claimed that the operation was not satisfied to be correct. On the contrary, it was seen that Iran understood the Turkish partners, especially the problem of Kurdish forces, which could make Iran a headache in the long run. Tehran thinks that the best option to solve this issue now is to give the message to all Kurdish groups that they should not consider independence."

Ibrahimov In addition, it supports the preservation of Iran's Astana processes like Turkey resolutely, because Tehran could reach a consensus on the issues discussed in these formats parties and drew attention as the only platform where they can listen to each other.

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