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Shibanu to soy sauce in Turkey Soshico

Since the 3rd century which was established in 1688 producing traditional Japanese Soy Sauce "Shibanu to" brand only "SushiCo" brought to Turkey to serve its customers.

World famous chef "sauce amending the European soy sauce perception", "Markedly lies in the taste of a 300 year history", "substantially moving a taste I have not experienced before" sentences are expressed in praise accompanied by "Shibanu to" soy sauce is now in Turkey and only at SushiCo branches.

With the support of JETRO (Japanese Foreign Trade Organization) it will become one of the rare Japanese food products imported directly from Japan.

Soy sauce will not be sold in retail, but will only be served as a sauce for customers who eat at SushiCo branches.

In his opening speech, JETRO President Sano Mitsuaki said, “First of all, I would like to express my gratitude and sincere gratitude to you, our esteemed SushiCo restaurant managers and officials for bringing delicious Japanese cuisine and Japanese food and drink culture to Turkish people. The direct import of food from Japan is limited, and with the devoted efforts of SushiCo officials and the president of Shibanuma Soy Sauce, a real soy sauce produced in Japan was imported directly from Japan. With the introduction of SushiCo chain restaurants, there is no doubt that it will succeed to reach a wide audience. This cooperation, Turkey is the first success story in terms of awareness and proper recognition of the original Japanese food products today to offer our gratitude to the officials at the ceremony SushiCo; Japan Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries by the Ministry for the first time in Turkey that a restaurant of Japanese food products that contribute to the awareness SushiCo, we have to present the certificate. This certificate is given to restaurants and shops that promote Japanese food culture and food products and understand the values ​​of the cuisine. I am very proud to present this certificate, which 4265 venues worldwide, to sushico in your presence. ”

After JETRO Chairman Sano Mitsuaki, SushiCo General Manager Ozkan Eren Keskin his evaluation, "taken in the Foundation Year 1997 and our brand significant contribution to the development of Japanese cuisine in Turkey with the restaurant opened so far, today received the JETRO via the" Japanese Food Supporter "with certificates continues to add value to the gastronomy sector in our country. geographical and traditional mark among Japanese cuisine the best way to represent to our planned 2018 October, in Japan it is our experience we gained and food quality and accurate raw material at the point we have reached today in Turkey by providing their own land, we have the agent's justifiably proud to continue our mission. One of the most important goals of our meeting today is the process that brings together JETRO-Shibanuma and SushiCo and the energy consumed by the people who play an active role in these processes. Için As sushico's franchise managers, which is important to us and our Japanese friends, we value your role as a bridge in conveying this success story to our customers..

Mr. Shibanuma, the President of Shibanuma, was the guest of the meeting, and after the speeches, the event ended with a taste of soy sauce, which includes the taste of a 3 century old tradition imported from Japan, accompanied by sushi varieties.

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