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Climate change reduces fish species: No fish left in our seas

The hunting ban started on 15 April and ended on 1 September. Fishermen said that this year's yield is less compared to last year, said they could not find the hope.
Fishes decorating the stalls for about 15 days came to the citizens expensive, but argued that the prices of trades are not expensive. 200 years of fish stocks in 18 years, there was a reduction in the records of Istanbul University (IU) Faculty of Water Sciences Faculty Professor. Dr. Saadet Karakulak stated that anchovy and sardine will be abundant this year due to the deterioration in the ecosystem, but that large fish such as bluefish and acorn will be rare.


Professor Dr. Saadet Karakulak said that the most efficient and important sea in fishing is the Black Sea. Stating that 70 percent of hunting is in the Black Sea and there has been a serious decrease in fish stocks in recent years, Karakulak said, “There are many reasons for the decrease. One of them is over-hunting, illegal hunting and unregistered hunting. The impact of over-hunting and global warming is enormous. The increase in temperature leads to changes in the reproductive periods and migrations of fish along with the discharge systems. These have negative effects on fish. ”


The major factor in the decrease in fish stocks is invasive species. Dr. Saadet Karakulak said, “These invasive species compete with our own fish species and harm them. The species that come with the ship's balance waters damage our other fish species if they multiply. In the 1990s, there was a problem especially due to the excessive proliferation of a dredged meduz that came to the Black Sea by ships. These led to a decrease in anchovy stocks as they ate anchovy's lavra and eggs. There are many invasive species like this. Specifically entering and multiplying from the Red Sea with the increase of global warming and temperature are also competing with our own fish species. Excessive increase in balloon fish in the Mediterranean in recent years, as well as damage to the fishing tool used by fishermen, is entering into competition with other fish, ”he said.


Professor Dr. Saadet Karakulak stated that we have 500-600 thousand tons of hunting and said, miktar There has been a continuous decrease in the amount of hunting for the last 18 years. Our production of 500 thousand tons decreased to 314 thousand tons. When we look at the aquaculture sector, there is a constantly decreasing trend and a decrease of approximately 200 thousand tons. ”


Saying that small fish such as sardines and anchovies can be found this year. Dr. Karakulak, “Small pelagic fish called fish, they can increase their generation in a short time and are not affected by the negative situation. Big fish have trouble. With the opening of the fishing season this year we were expecting acorns, but acorns on the stalls are very small. We see little talk. Big tall fish are the species that are most quickly affected by the negative situation in the ecosystem. ”

20 TL, 30 TL on the counter

Gürpınar Aquaculture Market at midnight craftsmen waiting for fish from boats, the situation burned trouble.
One of the tradesmen who stated that fishery is now weak,, It seems that the situation will recover after the 15th of the month. If the weather gets a little cold, the fish will recover. No acorn this year, but we are hopeful of chinecops and horse mackerel. Anchovy prices are high, the case varies between 250-300 pounds. This corresponds to 20 pounds, but our marketers sell 25-40 pounds. Despite this, they do not make money, they do damage. Last year the anchovies were very thin. Now the anchovies are huge, like fountain pens. Not expensive ”.

Arda Emen, one of the tradesmen who expressed that the situation is critical but that the citizen can eat lots of anchovies this year, said, vatandaş The anchovy and horse mackerel will be filled with citizens, but there does not seem to be an acorn. Anchovies are lively and huge. Weight of anchovy is sold in the market around 30 pounds. Citizens can eat anchovies for 10-15 pounds this year. Citizen meat food 3 times a week to eat fish, ”he said.


Citizen fish craving has now come to an end, indicating that the Fisherman Kenan Balci, the customer demand is more than the fish, he added.
Balcı said that compared to last year, there are few fishes but we should not despair., Our people should avoid expensive fish and prefer suitable and cheap fish. Cheap fish, plenty of fish. If anchovies are cheap today, mackerel will be cheap tomorrow. No reduction in fish. Fishes are seasonal. When the day comes every fish will come out. Everything has scales but there is no sea. 5 days ago anchovy fell to 15 pounds, today 30 pounds. Let them prefer less anchovy and wait their time, prefer the appropriate fish. ”


Fishermen waiting for hours on the Galata Bridge fishing rods burned their homes empty of worry about the lack of fish in the throat, he said.

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