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Lockheed Martin Corporation signs a two billion dollar contract to build Saudi frigates

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A prototype of the Saudi Arabian Navy MMSC multiplayer combat ship during the SNA 2018 National Symposium (Navy Recongnition)

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The US Navy announced on December 20 that Lockheed Martin has secured a contract worth $ 1.96 billion to build four multi-functional combat surface ships (MMSC) for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This was stated in an announcement that was posted on Website of the Ministry of Defense on December 20. The contract was awarded as part From the U.S. Navy's Foreign Military Sales Program. It comes after a decade With $ 2018 million worth of design material for frigates.

This is because the ships, which are from To be built at the Fincantieri Marinette Marine shipyard in Wisconsin The American is derived from the design of the Freedom-class coastal combat ship.

In this context, Captain Danny said Hernandez, spokesperson for the Marine Research, Development and Acquisitions chief, said the handover MMSC ships must start in June 2023, adding that “the purchase of ships by Saudi Arabia will provide business Additional and greater stability within the US Navy's shipyard.

It is indicated that during a seminar Surface Marine National Association established last year (SNA 2018), the last version of the ships was shown For the Saudi Navy, which includes the following features:

  • Bofors 57 mm submachine gun
  • 8 Mk41 vertical missile launch cells
  • 8 "Harpoon" anti-ship missiles
  • SeaRAM short-range missile defense system produced by Raytheon
  • Two remote controlled weapon stations, Narwhal 20mm, by Nexter.

In terms of sensor systems, it will Supplying CEROS 200 type radar ships and a SABB tracking system. A system The main radar is TRS-4D active electronic scanning system (AESA); other sensors include Most likely variable depth sonar (Thales type CAPTAS), ST WBR-200 electronic support system plus warning system. It is due The combat management system would be similar to the LCS counterpart installed on Lockheed Martin's COMBATSS-21.

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