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WhatsApp largely blocked from 15 May 2021 for those who do not accept terms of use – Scammed ?!

Do you use WhatsApp? Then you should know that you will hardly be able to use the app after 15 May 2021 if you have not accepted the new terms of use. Reading or sending new messages is then no longer possible: the policy for inactive accounts takes effect from that date.

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The inactive account policy means that your account will not be deleted immediately, but it will severely limit functionality. After all, a messaging service that does not allow you to send or receive messages is not that practical.

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WhatsApp itself says the following about it: ‘You cannot fully use WhatsApp until you accept the updates. For a short period of time you can still receive calls and notifications, but you cannot read or send messages via the app. ‘

Inactive WhatsApp account will be deleted after four months

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The fact that your account is not immediately deleted does not mean that your account – and therefore your data – will be kept indefinitely.

According to the inactive account policy, your account will be deleted after 120 days for the following reason: “ For security reasons, to limit data retention and ensure the privacy of our users, WhatsApp accounts will be deleted after 120 days of inactivity. Inactivity means that a user has not been connected to WhatsApp. ‘

Mandatory data sharing with parent company Facebook

There was a lot of fuss about WhatsApp’s new terms of use: users are required to give WhatsApp permission to share certain data with parent company Facebook.

According to WhatsApp, these conditions mainly relate to business communication and the new conditions would make WhatsApp ‘more accessible for shopping, payments and to be used by the customer service of companies’, according to Tweakers. Then you should consider, among other things, how WhatsApp stores certain transaction data and makes it available to payment services, such as Facebook Pay.

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The effective date was actually planned for February 8, but has been pushed forward several months after strong criticism from users. Incidentally, these changes content no influence on European users: due to European regulations, Facebook is in any case not allowed to use data from European WhatsApp users, as can be read on Tweakers.

However, the influence is functional, because the app will simply become unusable if you don’t give it permission.

How do I accept the new WhatsApp terms of use?

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The original effective date was, as stated, February 8, and Dutch users already received a pop-up at the beginning of January with the request to accept the conditions.

Pop-up in WhatsApp about the new terms of use

However, did you choose the option at the time? Not now, or did you quit the app without choosing anything at all and then the popup stopped appearing? Then there is actually no clear answer to the question of how you can still do that: WhatsApp does not offer an option in the settings to manually accept the terms of use.

Now that the deadline of May 15, 2021 is approaching more and more, it is obvious to assume that WhatsApp will again request users to accept the new conditions if this has not been done at an earlier stage.

Tech blog Technadu has written quite an extensive background article on this issue. Basically, it means that users who have already accepted the terms and conditions do not have to do anything anymore. Users who still no have passed on their choice, they don’t have to do anything.

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The blog expects that WhatsApp will automatically approach users who still use WhatsApp under the old conditions with a request to accept the new conditions. And will the changes take effect definitively on May 15, 2021 and have you not yet accepted the new conditions? Then it will probably become clear soon enough when you try to open the app: you cannot proceed without accepting them.

Source: Tweakers / Technadu

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