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Undercover police operation in a chic hotel went too far

Female undercover agents who catch three porters in drug trafficking as VIP guests. It is the core of months of research in a luxury Amsterdam hotel. On Tuesday, the suspects will be in court, more than three years after the start of the investigation. Article link

The lawyers believe that the police have gone too far and that the action is disproportionate to the proceeds.

“They have gone way beyond their book”

It is around half past ten in the evening when four ladies in a dark Audi Q5 arrive at the famous W Hotel near Dam Square, where Dutch stars can often be found. Blonde women between 25 and 30 years old, is how one of the suspects describes them. Dressed casually, suitcases and all, they enter the hotel lobby. Article link

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The VIP bands of club Madfox on their wrist show that they are important guests. It turns out to be the start of an undercover operation that starts on July 20, 2018.

In 2018, the police are preparing the special method in deepest secrecy. Article link

The so-called ‘working under cover’ is one of the heaviest special investigative powers of the police. After various tips, received by the Criminal Intelligence Team of the Amsterdam police, there is a suspicion that hotel porters are dealing in hard drugs. It would all take place in the prestigious W Hotel. Tips also come in at Report Crime Anonymously and the head of security at the hotel also contacts the police himself, because he is suspicious.

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The information is clear. According to the sources, porters are acting ML, KK, ED. and two others in hard drugs. For example, guests of the hotel, lounge and nightclub Madfox could purchase cocaine and Ecstasy upon request. Article link

The security of the hotel also has these suspicions and asks the police to start an investigation into a number of porters with the greatest possible discretion.

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The police investigation leads to a number of observations in and around the W Hotel. On May 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, officers covertly watch what the porters do during their duties. They can monitor all movements in the hotel via camera images, and they also listen to conversations between the porters with a walkie-talkie. Article link

The observers see that packages with unknown contents are given to various employees of the hotel. A signal that drugs are being handed over, but they find no evidence for this. It remains unclear whether the porters are engaged in the hard drug trade.

In July 2020, the W Hotel was shot at several times

In July 2020, the W Hotel was shot at several times

Image © ANP

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Because the police cannot find out through observations whether the porters are committing criminal offenses, they set up an undercover operation. By means of so-called pseudo-buying, the detectives want to prove that drug trafficking is involved. Hardly anyone within the police knows about the action. On Friday, July 20, four female undercover agents enter the hotel, posing as VIP guests of the hotel. ML (now 30) immediately gets a question from one of the ladies: “Can we get some goodies for tonight.” He says he can arrange it. Twenty minutes later, he delivers two envelopes to one of the two hotel rooms with the text ‘pony pack’ on them. Serving the hotel guests is, according to him, ‘the first priority’. Article link

The agents pay 100 euros in cash for the delivery of the 1.72 grams of cocaine.

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The four ladies stay overnight in the hotel and drink a cocktail in the hotel’s luxurious Skybar. They also visit the party in the basement, where the nightclub Madfox is located. In the meantime, they say they keep in touch with the supervisors of the undercover team and deliver the drugs the same evening.

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The same action follows a day later, only then the now 39-year-old ED is the target. Article link

The officers ask for something to ‘cross out’ and ask for four XTC pills and a gram of coke. After ten minutes, D. comes to the room and says he cannot deliver pills because he cannot guarantee the quality. He shows that he has several white envelopes with him. Ultimately he sells 1.34 grams of coke for 50 euros to the undercovers. Almost two months later the same happens to KK, he sells 0.99 grams of cocaine to two female undercovers.

According to ED lawyer Vito Shukrula, the undercover action is going way too far. In a hotel where customer service is the number one priority, according to the lawyer, the porters have been tempted to deliver drugs. “My client therefore did not feel in a position to refuse this,” said counsel. According to him, the deployment of undercover agents is also not proportional and other means could have been deployed. “As far as I am concerned, they went far beyond their limits with this Miss VIP method. Client was a simple one.”bell boy‘and the undercover agents provoked him to give them drugs. A loot consisting of some silly grams of coke contrasts very poorly with this large money and manpower devouring undercover operation, which undoubtedly cost hundreds of thousands. “

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The Public Prosecution Service fully supports the investigation. “Pseudocoop is a proportional means in this case, there has been no incitement,” said a spokesperson. “Pseudo-buyers can also be used in relatively small cases. Article link

The employees were approached by the pseudo-buyers in their professional environment. Article link

The use of a telephone tap or a search of a home, for example, is a more difficult means, given the invasion of privacy.” Article link

The OM does not want to comment on the results of the investigation.

Article link

The crime editors of RTL Boulevard had access to the criminal file of the investigation called ’13Paliseul’. Article link

The editors also received information from various sources surrounding the research. Article link

The three porters have been fired by the hotel.

Work under cover

Article link

The Dutch police has three undercover methods that are carried out by the ‘Werken Onder Dekmantel’ team: infiltration, systematic information gathering and pseudo-buying. A special police team, consisting of so-called WOD employees, is specially trained to carry out such assignments. Article link

The operations are started when serious criminal activity is suspected or when it is not possible to obtain certain information in another way that is important for an investigation. Article link

The Amsterdam police has its own pseudo-purchasing team.

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