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The one who misses the two sections – Channel 7

Naftali Bennett is increasingly proving the rule in Israeli politics: the smaller I am, the stronger I am.

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The smaller the number of seats I have, the higher my demands, to the point of being a rotating prime minister, and to be first. Especially when I am the tongue of the scales. Bennett has something to learn from – from the current rotation government.

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Its partner, Bnei Gantz, is evaporating, according to opinion polls, and the closer the election date and the end of its political life, the more intense its forehead. We have had almost nothing like this: from 33 seats in the previous election, just a year ago, it dropped below the blocking percentage in about a month. Which does not prevent the blue and white head from being an aggressive opposition within the government. A party that has joined the coalition to fight Corona together, and only sticks sticks in the cart.

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The root of the evil lies in the formation of the current government, in which Netanyahu (36 Likud seats) inevitably agreed to a unity government with a rotation with blue and white (15 seats, plus “Derech Eretz” – 2, Labor – 2). Livni Gantz, only two years in politics, did not even have enough MKs to share the many cases that fell into his lap. Almost every move, picking up headlines, clinging to the last toothpick not to drown, and the highlight – a hysterical interview on Saturday night with Amnon Abramovich.

One thing he can attribute to him, and that is the accounting precedent he has created. Only in Israeli politics can it be: 19 equals 36. Netanyahu equals Ganz. And now he has a good imitation, a student with a strong appetite for the prime minister’s throne. Currently, according to opinion polls, the “right” (six MKs today) is expected to receive perhaps only ten seats, about a third of the Likud’s number of seats. Article link

The government and a few other chairs …

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The patent named Rotation was born in 1984, out of a sincere desire for inner unity. It enabled the formation of the Peres-Shamir government. It was also an expression of the absolute equality between the two blocs, left and right, a national unity government that functioned well for four years, and another two years without rotation. After the blue-and-white disintegration, therefore, there was no moral reason for Gantz to demand rotation and equality in the inflated number of cases, and there is no moral reason for Bennett to place this condition today, as his willingness to give the 61st vote to Netanyahu. But integrity aside and ambition aside. Especially when Netanyahu certainly does not have a government without the small “right.”

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The loaded name “right” requires more than any trivial name like “there is a future” or “new hope”. Article link

The name of the subject is a clearly ideological proclamation. Will Bennett’s personal ambition overcome the essence of his party, which is expressed in its name? Will you forget his right hand? With all the exaltation of ideology in his mouth, he creates a feeling among his potential voters, the kippah wearers, that neither the Land of Israel, nor the settlement nor even the tradition of Israel, are at the forefront of his mind. Only the lust for power, the demand for rotation, to be the next prime minister, no matter what.

How pleasant for Naftali to read the fat headline: “Article link

The Keys at Bennett.” A shot of encouragement that inflates the ego. After all, according to commentators and polls, he can decide, in eight to 12 votes, between a government led by Netanyahu and a government led by Lapid and the left. And meanwhile he is sharply attacking the incumbent government – he is allowed to, he is an oppositionist – as he attributes to him the fight against Corona, the success of terrorism and reforms in the judiciary. He was defense minister for three months – so what has been done? His deputy was the Minister of Justice – and what changed in the justice system? Corona? – All he did was wave a small booklet.

A little modesty will not hurt him, to Naftali Bennett. He ignores the fact that the whole of Israel is moving to the right, although of course not to the “right”. So why are sections on the right, and the “right” within them, confusing the public, firing on foot into the camp led by the Likud?

Bennett must understand: even in these elections, which say that they revolve around only one question – yes Bibi, no Bibi – the decision is still between right and left. In the next Netanyahu-led government, with a senior position (not necessarily in rotation), Bennett will, if he recovers, be able to stand guard over right-wing positions. On the other hand, with the Lapid, Michaeli, Saar and Lieberman gangs, a government will be formed in which the left sets the tone. Does Bennett consider himself a member of such a government? Will not omitting the two sections, which does bring exposure in the media, drive away his natural voters, and return him to six seats or less?

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