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The end to isolation in hotels? | Israel today

In recent weeks, everyone who returns to Israel, from any country in the world, except the vaccinated and recovering, is required to be isolated in a motel. Now, the government is formulating the outline for the opening of Ben Gurion Airport, and towards the end of the isolation obligation in the hotel, a dramatic decision has been made – an extension of the obligation by only one day instead of eight days.
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The decision means that tomorrow at midnight (Monday to Tuesday), the isolation obligation in hotels will expire and in the Constitution Committee that took place today, the government was required to find solutions to enforce the insulation obligation for returnees from abroad by tomorrow. A short extension of only one day.Article link

The options that are emerging at the moment are surveillance via mobile devices, alongside many more surprise inspections by inspectors.Article link

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The issue of handcuffs seems less realistic due to legal difficulties.

Committee chairman MK Yaakov who also referred to the period of solitary confinement back from abroad and said that, “Article link

The police can enforce in more efficient ways and need to find a way to consent people to enforcement through mobile phones and not necessarily in handcuffs. He turned to Dr. Elrai Price and asked to shorten the isolation period for returnees from abroad: “Consider reducing the isolation obligation from 10 or 14 days to six days or another more friendly number. We have reached a point where we need to have another dialogue with the public. There are other ways Less offensive “

It is important to emphasize that the restriction on those entering Israel currently stands at only 2,000. Article link

The decision to limit the number of entrants stems, among other things, from the state’s limited ability to send entrants to hotels. Cancellation of the decision to send to hotels should override most of the reasons for which the restriction exists, if the enforcement is indeed via mobile phones. Sources in the Constitution Committee, which may abolish the obligation to isolate in hotels, make it clear that the likelihood that the obligation to isolate in hotels will continue beyond the next few days is low.

When will Ben Gurion Airport open?

It is important to emphasize that Ben Gurion Airport is still closed, but according to estimates, it is expected to open in a format that is being formed these days, already in the second week of March, if there are no surprises. Sources in the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Health confirm the things, but are reluctant and say that until an official decision has been made, the airport is still closed to commercial flights. At the same time, there are officials in the Ministry of Health who are interested in leaving Ben Gurion Airport in this state until after Pesach, but many are opposed to the move.

Currently, there are thousands of Israelis stuck abroad and unable to return to Israel. Many Israelis seek permission to return to Israel from the Exceptions Committee and are unable to get an answer. Many of those who received a positive answer have difficulty finding flights and have to travel long And depart from it exclusively from Frankfurt and New York.

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