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Shahar 933 Shopping Basket: Purim Haman Ears 2021

If you liked the trend of the past year – to buy dishes that you need to finish at home, then you will love the haman ears of a sweet chain designed for home baking. My son’s photo is also for the better


TATI. Photo by Daniel Leila

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The range of the haman ears of the network is not large, and if you are among the seekers of the crazier combinations, what is here may not satisfy you. But these were to our taste the best haman ears we tasted this year – the butter dough is excellent, the fillings are in sufficient quantity, and they are also of exceptional quality. What do you offer? Familiar fillings of nuts and spices, poppy and citrus, chocolate, dates or peanut butter. There are also manna ears stuffed with ricotta or citrus marzipan, surprising combinations we especially liked. Article link

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The price is NIS 12.9-14.5 per 100 grams. Obtainable at chain branches.


Sweet. My son’s photo is also for the better

If you liked the trend of the past year – to buy dishes that you need to finish at home, then you will love the haman ears of the chain that are intended for home baking. These come in a filling of chocolate fudge, poppy or dates in spelled dough. Apart from the need for baking at home, these are similar to the ready-made haman ears of the chain – they are not large, made of relatively thin butter dough and not a large but sufficient amount of filling. What about the selection? Butter dough filled with pistachio and white chocolate, butter dough filled with milk jam and coconut, crispy dough made of 100% spelled flour filled with date mahjol, butter dough filled with delicate sour raspberries and “macaroni” meringue on top, crispy dough stuffed with chocolate fudge made of dark chocolate and cream, Crispy dough dotted with poppy seeds with poppy seed stuffing cooked in milk, crispy cinnamon dough filled with roasted nuts and toffee, and crispy dough dotted with blush filled with halva cream and Turkish coffee. If you like to try special flavors, try the haman ears with the blush and coffee, and the ones with the pistachio and white chocolate. Article link

The price is NIS 39 for 230 grams or 270 grams for home baking. Available at the chain’s branches and on the website.


Biscotti. Photo by Boaz Lavie

We love the fact that Biscotti is investing not only in haman ears, but also in special poppy seed cakes. In the field of haman ears, you can find five types – filled with dates and nuts, filled with poppy and citrus, cocoa dough filled with Belgian chocolate, with pistachio puree and filled with halva and pistachio, and filled with white chocolate cream and salty pretzel. Article link

The special cakes this year are Poppy Ploden – a layered cake of nuts, apples and poppy seeds; And a poppy and almond cheesecake that combines a butter crust base, a baked cheese filling with poppy and almonds, and a icing of vanilla cream. Article link

The cheesecake and poppy seed has proven to be a real delicacy, as it combines our two favorite cakes, in a way that creates a play of textures and flavors in every bite. If you are looking for haman ears, know that their dough is crispy, not particularly thin but also not thick. We recommend the excellent combination of halva and pistachio. Article link

The price is NIS 38 for 320 grams of manna ears, NIS 68-118 for cakes. Available at the chain’s branches and on the website.

Second Confectionery

Second Confectionery. Photo by Daniel Schechter

What does the chain offer for the holiday? Poppy haman ears, pecan halva haman ears in cocoa dough, date haman haman ears, salty pretzel haman ears, chocolate souffle haman ears, and nut haman ears. They are all made of crunchy dough. Article link

The dough of the net is thicker and with less butter than others we tasted this year, but it satisfies the craving well; Especially when the filling is of a salty pretzel – the combination of sweet and salty here is among the best we have tasted. We also particularly liked the combination of halva with pecans and cocoa dough. Article link

The price is NIS 12.9 per 100 grams. Available at the chain’s branches and on the website.


FIKA. Lotus photo

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The bakery, which specializes in Swedish pastries, is offering manna ears created in collaboration with the Lotus cookie brand ahead of the holiday. Unlike haman ears which are based on butter dough, the base of these haman ears is yeast dough. To make them even more special, add the cardamom spice to the dough, an addition that makes the dough aromatic and special. Article link

The filling combines a rich patisserie cream with lotus cookie cream, as well as fragments of lotus cookies on the outside. A successful combination of two sweets we love. Article link

The price is NIS 10 per unit. Available at the chain’s branches in Tel Aviv.



Crispy dough containing chocolate, dates and nuts, poppy seeds, pistachios and halva or white chocolate and pretzels; These are offered by this cafe ahead of the holiday. Article link

The source for the haman ears is biscotti, as we discovered during the tasting. This fact should please the neighbors of the cafe, who can purchase them more easily than ever. Article link

The price is NIS 48 for 320 grams. Available at Eilat 1, Givatayim.

in short

March Company Offers chocolate snacks on special sale for the holiday, for the benefit of those who like the products in general and those who want to prepare dish deliveries. As part of the sale, anyone who purchases NIS 19.9 or more from M & M’S, Twix, Snickers regular chocolate and white chocolate products, Bounty, Mars and Maltesers, will be able to purchase a flashlight or branded M & M’S fan for NIS 5. Article link

The promotion is valid until 28.2.21.

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