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Prof. Nachman Ash: “You have to decide – Purim parties or education”

פרופ 'נחמן אש: "צריך להחליט - מסיבות פורים או חינוך"-ערוץ 7

Prof. Nachman Ash

Photo: David Cohen / Flash90

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The corona projector, Prof. Nachman Ash, spoke this morning (Tuesday) with Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov on 103FM and referred to the opening of Ben Gurion Airport, and warned against Purim celebrations.

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Ash referred to the huge and disturbing number of deaths in the United States, and all over the world: “It is truly an unimaginable number, over 2 million people have died from the disease worldwide. “Every victim is a victim.”

Ash mentioned that dealing with the disease is not only expressed in numbers: “Today we also see young people. Even among the survivors, many are left with respiratory and other limitations over time. It is a serious disease.”

Along with the steps taken to eradicate the spread of the virus in Israel, Ben Gurion Airport returned to activity yesterday. Article link

The projector explained the motives for opening. He said the isolation was ineffective, “its effectiveness is not perfect both in terms of the number of people entering hotels and the feeling of people entering hotels.”

He noted that: “Ben Gurion Airport is a gateway both to illness in general, and to special mutations that can change the course of our disease.” We know this has already happened with the British mutation. Article link

The key in the end is to have good insulation for people returning from abroad, both testing and insulation, “adding,” In principle it is possible to do the insulation at home but we know it is very difficult to trust the people who will take care of it. “

“I would choose an electronic bracelet”

Next, the Corona Project addressed the issue of Israelis stranded abroad, and the limited scope of approved entry quotas: “I understand and have difficulty with Israelis stranded abroad and must find a solution. We are vigorously looking for solutions and I hope we find those who insulate properly. “.

He also expressed his opinion on the possibility that people arriving in the country would be charged with electronic surveillance handcuffs: “I call it an electronic bracelet, and if they would let me choose to leave the airport between a hotel or an electronic means, I would take the bracelet.”

He went on to explain how they intend to enforce the guidelines during the Purim holiday, and how the night curfew will work: “Our offer is from 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM in the form of a full closure. You have to decide – Purim parties or education. backwards”. What is the policy regarding the conduct of Ben Gurion Airport? According to Ash, it seems that not all Israelis abroad will be able to vote, but added: “I believe it can be done.”

And also, what sets the African variety apart? Prof. Ash said in a survey of 3,000 patients, a percentage of the samples were infected with the South African strain, explaining that “it is contagious like the British. Its uniqueness from the British strain is its relative resistance to the vaccine. In the laboratory, vaccinated antibodies neutralize this strain less than the strain. the British”.

As for the new strain discovered in Uganda, he said: “One case has been discovered. At present we know it is common in Uganda, it is found elsewhere in the world in very small numbers, and here too one case. It has no special characteristics.”

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