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NASA shares video of Perseverance landing

Perseverance landed successfully on the Red Planet on Thursday, February 18. NASA now shares beautiful video images that fire the imagination.

After Perseverance sent us a first photo of the Martian surface, we now get to see how the final phase of the descent and landing, the so-called ‘touchdown’, happened. Article link

The video starts when Perseverance is 11.26 km above the Martian surface.

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The images immediately show how the heat shield comes off. That protected the Mars rover when it fell through the atmosphere. Then we see how the parachute pops open, gradually slowing Perseverance to finally land gently on the Martian surface.

YouTube channel NASA

Iconic images

“For anyone wondering how to land on Mars … or why it’s so difficult … or how cool it would be to do that … look no further,” NASA manager Steve Jurczyk said in a statement. “Perseverance has only just begun its mission when it has already given us one of the most iconic images in the history of space travel. They once again emphasize the exceptional precision and high-quality technology we had to use to fly a vehicle to the Red Planet, ”he praises.

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The robot jeep was also able to make the first audio recording of ‘Mars Sounds’. While the microphone was unable to pick up any usable audio during the ward, we did get a transmission of a breeze on the Red Planet on February 20.

Perseverances mission

NASA also live-streamed a briefing in which representatives and scientists discussed the images Perseverance has already taken in the Jezero crater. Article link

The US space agency has already collected more than 30 GB of images, including 23,000 photos taken during the landing.

Perseverance looks for ‘life from the past’. Signs of this are microbial life. After all, the Jezero crater used to be a lake. Article link

The Mars rover will collect soil samples as soon as it has found a suitable place. Those samples must return to Earth in 2026 in a new mission.

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