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Miyazaki’s return: Japan is eating the whole world now

If you recently had the opportunity to visit Sharona Market, you must have noticed that he changed his face. Bottom line, following a change of owners, the culinary complex underwent a comprehensive renovation and new contracts were signed with hot and leading names such as the magician, Eyal Shani, Rachel Ben-Elul with the crazy sandwiches that knocked our visitor off the chair and Yuval Ben-Neria (Taizo).

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The latter, who has owned the best restaurant in town according to the Time Out food awards ceremony for six years in a row, is reopening MIAZAKI, the Japanese stand that operated in the northern market, right today (Monday). “This is a more sophisticated version. Evolution has taken place here,” he says. “We learned from the Bia Pan experience and we don’t just go in for a ramen. There’s also a grill robata and salads and a display grub and goo in the atmosphere of a metro station in Tokyo.”

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Chirashi sushi in Miyazaki (Photo: Ilya Melnikov)

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The Japanese diner is located at the eastern entrance to the market, next to the Claro restaurant and the Whiskey Bar Museum. Article link

The first thing that stands out is automatic terminals. “Article link

The idea emerged even before the corona, to create an easy and agile ordering process,” explains Ben-Neria. Article link

The menu was put together in collaboration with chef Yuji Tanabe, who heads the successful thanking chain THANK in Japan and is known for its chicken-based ramen dishes.

We decided to keep Tanabe’s trademark, cold chicken ramen, for less freezing times. Instead we tasted a vegan tomato ramen whose veganism is not noticeable in it: a rich smoked tomato axis, pieces of cucumber, nori seaweed and roasted tomatoes that get a local reinforcement in the form of a delicate sweet arisa. Article link

The body is supplied by Mankai noodles, an Israeli hydroponic crop that is considered a superfood and has already been included by Taizo on Taizo’s menu.

Another connection between Japan and the Middle East reflects Tori Peytan, a ramen that is also based on chicken stock and served with fennel roasted in yuzu kosho butter, chicken chashu and black spinach (peca for you) and seasoned with fenugreek. Even the semi-soft egg is different from the usual and gets a blue hue that comes from the butterfly pea flower, a cute Asian-vegan trick and Instagram.

Cold ramen and blue eggs.  Miyazaki (Photo: Ilya Melnikov)

Cold ramen and blue eggs. Miyazaki (Photo: Ilya Melnikov)

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The main course section continues in the Japanese-eclectic line. Ben-Neria says that in his eyes the Japanese are experts in adopting techniques and dishes from foreign kitchens and upgrading them, and he seems to be following the same path. This is how you will find on the menu Kabojaki – a milk bun filled with beef kebab spiced with Japanese curry, and a Nisswaz salad with Salmon confit, potatoes, green beans and endive as well as nori seaweed and Japanese mustard vinaigrette.

From American cuisine come takeaways on radiant dog and radiant hail in addictive ummi flavors, a crispy sliced ​​chicken sandwich in the good sense of the word and a grilled salmon sandwich spiced with Japanese mayonnaise, mirin, horseradish and lime. Article link

The mythical Mia Pan chips are also here, spiced with yuzu. Prices are similar to what is accepted in the industry: ramen about 60 NIS, main courses about 50 NIS and salads 34 NIS. In the afternoon (Sunday-Thursday 11: 30-16: 00) you can get combo meals that include a main course, side dish And a drink for NIS 59.

Radiant Dog and Addictive Ummi.  Miyazaki (Photo: Ilya Melnikov)

Radiant Dog and Addictive Ummi. Miyazaki (Photo: Ilya Melnikov)

Ben-Neria’s original interpretation of modern Japanese cuisine is justified and reasoned. Miyazaki hits the target of the BIG Group, the new owners of the market, and it strengthens Sharona Market as a culinary center. Article link

The food is sexy and sometimes corrupt – in a good way, yes? – And the attention to detail and the richness of the ingredients testify to the clear fingerprint of one of the best chefs working today. If foodies in Tel Aviv have so far refrained from reaching the tourist complex, now it seems to be on the right path, more accessible and pleasant. Miyazaki provides a good reason to overcome prejudices and jump in to taste, and if you are not yet convinced to get up from the couch – you can always order delivery.
Miyazaki, Kalman Magen 3 (Sharona Market), Tel Aviv, Sunday-Thursday 11: 30-22: 00, Friday, 11: 30-16: 00, Saturday 11: 30-22: 00

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