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MeMed has developed a test that will predict whether the condition of a corona patient is about to worsen

Dimension, a company founded by Dr. Eran Aden and Dr. Kfir Oved, which has so far been known as a company that knows how to differentiate between viral and bacterial diseases, announced this week the development of another capability: predicting who has coronary heart disease (Covid-19) In both cases, Dimension reads this information from the immune system response, and no other company is currently doing so.

According to Aden, “We use the immune system response to solve medical diagnostic problems that have no other solution in 21st century medicine. Initially, our dream was to solve the issue we call ‘suspected acute infectious disease’, which produces a number of medical dilemmas.

“First whether it is a bacterial or viral infection – if it is a bacterium needs antibiotics and if a virus then only chicken broth. This is a very significant issue because if you give the antibiotic when it is not needed, you erode this tool and create antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Dr. Kfir Oved / Photo: Courtesy of Dimension

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“This will be our big problem after the Corona, and US President Joe Biden has already signed a presidential decree whose one goal is to tackle this problem, a problem of bacterial resistance to antibiotics that will cost the world $ 100 trillion in the coming years.

“We believe we have succeeded in developing a product that will significantly help solve the problem. Article link

The product is already approved for use in Israel and Europe, and we are nearing the end of a clinical trial conducted for FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approval, which has been going on for several years. May receive U.S. marketing approval for the product later this year. We have already established a center in the US and recruited some of the strongest names in the world in the field.

“And now that this product has been developed and approved in Europe and is being tested in the United States, we have also begun to address the second problem – identifying patients who are going to get worse.

“We first attacked this issue in the context of coronary heart disease. Can a corona positive patient stay at home, or should he be hospitalized.

“If so – it may be worthwhile to start suppressing the immune system, for example with steroids. If not – maybe it is better not to suppress it but to let it act against the disease in full force.”

“To know this, Dimension takes a small amount of blood from each subject, and measures unique proteins that indicate what is happening in the immune system in real time.” We identified a protein called TRAIL, which rises when we respond to a viral infection and decreases when the infection is bacterial. When the protein level is very, very low, it usually means that something bad is happening to the body. “

Is this new to science?
“Yes, it’s a discovery of us and our research partners and we publish articles about it. If this protein does not rise when someone has a viral disease – it’s a problem. TRAIL seems to be one of the proteins involved in the orderly suicide process of cells, Slave it.Article link

The cell commits suicide in a controlled manner, for the sake of the rule.So when the viruses attack the body, this protein rises significantly.

“But if we already know there is a virus, and yet the protein does not rise, then something here in the activity of the immune system against the virus will go wrong. Maybe the virus managed to suppress the immune system. This whole thing is new, a story in the making, but we clearly see a viral disease With a very low trail – this is a danger.

“This is true for Cubid, flu and also severe bacterial infections, so we want to use this tool not only in this disease but in any disease that comes along.”

These days, these tests are undergoing a process of validation and further product development, led by Dr. Niv Mastboim and Dr. Tahal Ilan-Bar.

Medicine that is more customized in infectious diseases

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The third issue we are examining is something we came up with by mistake. Two of our partners, Dr. Shaul Lev and Dr. Boaz Tadmor from Rabin Medical Center, began using our product and gradually discovered that it gives them signs that a serious inflammatory event may occur soon. , Following the disease.

“A protein called IP-10, rises when a state of hyperinflation begins, and then it’s probably worthwhile to treat with steroids, which in another case might just interfere. It opened the door to more customized medicine for infectious diseases. This product is in the process of validation today.

“It’s really not easy to measure these two proteins, and they are critical at a stage where a significant difference can really be made in adjusting the treatment. Our MeMed Key ™ platform can measure different levels of protein with great accuracy in minutes. If we try to compare it to something we all know, it will be “Like trying to find ten Skittles candies on a football field full of M & Ms candies, in 15 minutes. This is possible because of the unique technology we have developed.”

Dimension has been expanding recently, and the team numbers over 60 full-time employees, and another about 40 part-time or part-time employees. Article link

The goal, Aden says, is to grow by another 40% -30% in the coming year. Article link

The company has raised about $ 100 million to date, and an additional $ 35 million as a grant from the U.S. military. “To launch the first product and complete trials on the other two products, we are expanding strategic partnerships with additional entities.”

Dimension: Year of establishment: 2006 ● Founders: Eran Aden and Dr. Kfir Oved ● CEO: Eran Aden ● Fundraising to date: approximately $ 100 million from Horizons Ventures, Social + Capital, Clal, Phoenix, CME, FOXCONN, Ping An, WTI ● Stage of activity: Article link

The first product is approved for marketing in Israel and Europe and is being tested in the USA

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