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Live: RKC Waalwijk – Heracles Almelo (21 February 2021)

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Heracles never shot at goal once. A dramatic display of the Almeloans.

RKC is doing golden business in the battle for survival. Article link

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The gap with numbers 16 and 17, Willem II and ADO Den Haag, is now nine points.

It’s over in Waalwijk. RKC has no child from Heracles: 3-0.


At least two extra minutes in Waalwijk.


An oil-stupid yellow card for Fadiga. Article link

The frustration splashes with the Heracles defender, who cannot complain with yellow.


RKC keeps the ball well in the team and wants to play the match quietly.


Not much is happening in Waalwijk anymore. Both teams seem to be fine with it.


And Heracles also changes twice. Kasper Lunding and Orestis Kiomourtzoglou replace Rai Vloet and Lucas Schoofs.


And Lennerd Daneels also moves to the side. Thierry Lusonda can make a few more minutes.


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The goalscorer immediately goes to the side. His replacement was Sylla Sow.


He cuts out Pröpper in a childishly simple way and stays calmly eye to eye with Blaswich. A very simple afternoon for RKC.


It is 3-0 for RKC, Heracles again has to defend dramatically. Van der Venne benefits.


No shot on goal for Heracles so far …


Yellow for Vloet, for what is unclear. He doesn’t seem to agree with Bax’s decision.


Fred Grim changes for the first time: Finn Stokkers comes in for Ola John, Ayman Azhil replaces Thijs Oosting.


Dangerous moments from RKC! Van der Venne tries, but finds Blaswich in his path. Daneels then gets the ball. His shot is taken off the goal line by Knoester.


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The next change at Heracles. Adrian Szöke replaces Ahmed Kutucu.


RKC waits quietly in the second half, Heracles does not know how to become dangerous …


A stiffener from Pröpper. That ball flies high over the goal of RKC.


It is not yet a spectacle in the second half. Both teams make many mistakes.


A counterattack from RKC. John’s cross is turned into a corner by a Heracles leg. Ultimately, this does not pose any danger.


De la Torre may get far in the opponent’s half, but then plays the ball over the back line. There could have been more for Heracles.


Two substitutions at Heracles. Sinan Bakis and Noah Fadiga replace Delano Burgzorg and Tim Breukers.


Van der Venne gets the ball rolling again, the second half at RKC – Heracles (2-0) has started.

No injury time in the first half. RKC and Heracles are going to rest with a 2-0 score.


Heracles seems to be looking for the connecting goal just before half time, but the first real chance for the away team is still waiting.


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The majority of the ball, 61 percent, belongs to Heracles. But RKC deals deadly effectively with the opportunities.


Dangerous moment for RKC’s goal! Kutucu heads the ball in the end, but is not in focus. Far off.


De la Torre has passed by Touba, who stops him with a wrong tackle. It gives the RKC defender the first yellow card of the match.


With the 2-0 lead in the pocket, RKC drops far back in their own half. It is up to Heracles to find an opening, but they are not yet able to do so.


Heracles’ first danger. Residential care with good action on the left. His cross is just too high for De la Torre, who just cannot reach it.


Coach Wormuth’s team arrives too late everywhere. RKC benefits well and Daneels leaves Blaswich without a chance with a shot in the far corner.


2-0 RKC! Daneels shoots him in from about twenty meters. Heracles is not involved.


Unhappy defending Breukers, but Pröpper is just in time and saves his teammate. Otherwise John could have run away.


Without inspiration and without pace, that’s how we can describe the football of Heracles in the first twenty minutes.


RKC leaves the ball to Heracles for a few minutes. Article link

The Almeloans play these around quietly, but it is not endangered.


Heracles has a bit more difficult, RKC plays better after the opening goal.


Quasten trumps Bijleveld in midfield and then immediately tries with a volley from a great distance. Good attempt, but the ball flies a meter over the goal.


Very poor defense at Heracles. John can take the ball in the box, cuts once and hits in the short corner.


There is the 1-0 for RKC! Ola John gives the home team the lead early in the game.


Heracles simply loses the ball at half of RKC, which starts a quick counter. Oosting runs completely free, but does not get the ball. Lost opportunity.


RKC wants to become dangerous for the first time in the half of Heracles, but Knoester ensures that the ball is again for Heracles with a good interception.


RKC is not involved yet. Article link

The home team has lost the ball quickly.


Heracles tries to take the initiative in the early stages of the match. It hasn’t become dangerous yet.


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The ball rolls in Waalwijk! RKC and Heracles Almelo have started.

No Van der Water at Heracles …

Today’s competition is led by Christaan ​​Bax and his assistants Kleinjan and Fikkert. Stan Teuben is the fourth official, Erwin Blank de VAR.

Heracles has to do without the suspended Giacomo Quagliata and the unfit Ismael Azzaoui in Waalwijk. They are replaced by Jeff Hardeveld and Ahmed Kutucu.

No changes at RKC, which starts with the same eleven names as last week against FC Emmen.

RKC is a comfortable six points separate from the dangerous relegation places and will want to bring that gap to nine points this afternoon.

Heracles has been working on a great series in recent weeks. In the last five matches, Ajax only lost (0-2) last week.

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The sun is shining in Waalwijk, perfect weather for a nice game of football.

Good afternoon football fans, welcome to the live report of the match between RKC Waalwijk and Heracles Almelo.

You will find it on this page live report of the match
RKC Waalwijk – Heracles Almelo from the 2020-2021 season of the Eredivisie. This season started on September 12, 2020 and will end on May 28, 2021.

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