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Janny van der Heijden: ‘Cooking with bags and packages is actually not cooking’ | Cooking & Eating

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The general public knows her mainly as the undisputed queen of baking, but for Janny van der Heijden (66) there is much more to taste. Article link

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The presenter traveled criss-cross across the country for 24Kitchen to find an answer to the question: what is the taste of the Netherlands? Libelle spoke to her.

All of Holland Bakt: it has been the recipe for millions of Dutch people in recent weeks to forget about corona ailments for a while. Presenter André van Duin and jury members Robért van Beckhoven and Janny van der Heijden allowed the viewer to enjoy what the Netherlands still is in times of crisis: warm, cozy and a little cozy. Article link

The HHB season is over, but fortunately her fans don’t have to miss Van der Heijden for long. Her new program will start on 22 February Article link

The Taste of the Netherlands at 24 Kitchen. In it she conducts research into the eating habits of the Dutch.

How are you doing in this second lockdown?
“Actually just good! There are no people sick in my area, I can go outside and my work has continued reasonably well. My children and grandchildren came separated for Christmas, but I did see them all. So I can’t complain. I especially find it horrible for others. ”

You will now eat alone more often than usual. Many people don’t like to cook for themselves. Do you have that too?
“I really cook every day and always fresh. That is a must: you must be good and kind to yourself. I also find it very relaxing to cook, I often also make something warm for lunch. I always have a lot to offer so that I can change my mind at the last minute. ”

In your program you conduct research into Dutch food culture. What did your parents put on the table in the past?
“Food was very important at home. There was an extensive meal and there were always guests at the table. Girlfriends got that Saroma pudding at home, but my mother never got that. We were really an exception, especially at that time. When we ate pasta, it came from the delicacy shop. That very long spaghetti in blue foil. As a child I ate tarragon, chervil, fresh haricots verts. My love and respect for food really started at home. ”

Is there actually a Dutch kitchen?
“We often pretend that there is no food culture in the Netherlands, but there is one. People often get no further than a stroopwafel, but so many beautiful products are made and exported in our country. We have the most beautiful crustaceans and shellfish, herring, cheeses, butter, vegetables and fruit. And why would you want tilapia from a distant land when we have beautiful plaice here? Someone like chef Joris Bijdendijk shows this beautifully in his dishes. ”

How have our eating habits changed in recent decades?
“We dare to let go of the traditional GDPR more and more and vary with other cultures. Vegetables are no longer just a side dish and we are no longer all at the table at six as standard. There is also more awareness. Rather a good piece of meat now and then than a kilo blast every day. Although we should not point a pedantic finger at people who do. If you have to make ends meet on a small budget, you have been happy for a long time that you can do something for your children. ”

My mother used to cook with parcels and bags. What do you think of that?
“A whole generation has grown up with it. In the past that was really seen as an achievement, but you are not actually cooking. We also have no idea what’s in it about e-numbers and hidden sugars. Article link

The statement ‘healthy’ on the packaging does not mean that something is real. That can really make me angry. Many people eat breakfast bars and yogurt drinks in the morning. There is so much sugar in it, then you might as well have a slice of cake. Just eat pure stuff! People sometimes say: but you also bake a lot, don’t you? If you bake a cake yourself, you know how much sugar and fat it contains. Then you can decide for yourself whether you want to take a large or a small piece. ”

Which ingredient do you always have at home?
“Good butter and olive oil, that’s the basis for everything. And cheese! Vegetables and eggs are also very important, especially the egg is really multi-purpose. This allows you to quickly prepare a tasty lunch or bake something. “

And in terms of kitchenware?
“I really have a knife flick. There is a lot I cannot live without, but good knives really are the basis. A large, a small and a good cutting board. That works so much better. ”

What’s the first thing you want to do when the lockdown is over?
“On holiday with all the children and grandchildren! Just everyone together again and enjoy good food and drink together. Haha, do you hear that? It’s about food again. I can not wait!”

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The Taste of the Netherlands can be seen every week from Monday 22 February at 10 pm on 24 Kitchen.

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